1-Minute Website Evaluation

Find out whether you're
missing on opportunities to grow,
protect or diversify your practice.

1-Minute Website Evaluation

Find out whether you’re missing out on opportunities to grow and protect your practice by completing the following Website Evaluation. The following 14 questions will help us determine whether your website is generating new patients and serving your practice as well as it should.

When you’re done, we will evaluate your responses and provide a FREE Website Marketing Needs Analysis. If you’d like to speak directly with one of our Program Consultants, call 800-865-1494.

Evaluation Question Y N
1 Is your website domain easy to remember and type?
2 Is your website "branded"-that is, does it tell potential patients why they should come to you rather than someone else?
3 Is your website patient-friendly and welcoming?
4 Is your website easy to navigate?
5 Does your website listing come up on the first page in a web search?
6 Does your website convey complete information about the doctors in the practice?
7 Does your website cover the products and services offered by your practice?
8 Does your website have contact information clearly displayed on the home page?
9 Does your website provide a "request an appointment" form or email?
10 Does your website provide an email capture or signup?
11 Is your website clear on "How to become a new patient"?
12 Does your website provide "new patient" downloadable forms?
13 Does your website contain extensive patient education?
14 Does your website come across as professional and polished?
Please provide the following information. Your evaluation results cannot be calculated without it.
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