Competition Assessment

Find out whether you're
missing on opportunities to grow,
protect or diversify your practice.

Competition Assessment

How well do you know your competition? How is your practice different or better than others in your specialty and/or market area? Complete the following Competitive Assessment and we will evaluate your situation and provide you with a FREE Needs Analysis. If you have questions and need to speak directly with one of our Program Consultants, please call 800-865-1494.

Which of the following best describes your practice?

  • solo, single-specialty
  • solo, generalist
  • small group, single-specialty
  • small group, generalist
  • large group, single-specialty
  • large group, multispecialty or multidisciplinary

Which of the following best describes your competitive market area?

  • extremely competitive (10 or more practices in my specialty)
  • moderately competitive (4 to 9 practices in my specialty)
  • lightly competitive (1 to 3 practices in my specialty)
  • I have no competition

Which of the following best describes the relative size of competitive practices?

  • mostly larger
  • mostly smaller
  • about the same size
  • all different sizes (from solo to large groups)

Which of the following best describes public awareness of your competitors?

  • well-known, high awareness
  • somewhat known, moderate awareness
  • unknown, no awareness

Which of the following best describes your competitors' reputations?

  • outstanding
  • good
  • average
  • not so good
  • bad

Which of the following best describes your competitors' marketing?

  • heavy volume, high-quality
  • heavy volume, low-quality
  • moderate volume, high-quality
  • moderate volume, low-quality
  • no visible marketing

Where would you rank your practice among your competitors?

  • market leader
  • among the best
  • middle of the pack
  • we can do better
Please provide the following information. Your evaluation results cannot be calculated without it.
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