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ENT or Otolaryngology Practice Marketing

ENT or Otolaryngology

Attract more high-paying, challenging elective cases.

One of the disturbing trends in ENT or otolaryngology care is the increasing encroachment on your professional services by primary-care physicians. These PCPs, you see, have discovered what you already know: ENT and otolaryngology specialties is rewarding, both financially and professionally.

To offset this encroachment and to avoid so-called “turf wars,” many ENTs and otolaryngologists have converted or are in the process of converting their practices to more elective cases, that is, cases that are cash-paying and ongoing.

Some ENTs and otolaryngologists have discovered nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and have never looked back.

If you are facing:

  • Increased competition within and outside your specialty
  • Lower reimbursements for otolaryngological services
  • Decreased professional satisfaction

You can discover proven methods to overcome all of these challenges at a Practice Builders 2-day ENT or Otolaryngology Marketing Workshop. Workshops are held over 70 times a year in cities across the country. (Onsite consultations are held at your convenience.) You’ll get an extensive marketing education in a small-group setting and 2 private consultations. Plus, you’ll walk out with a written, customized ENT or Otolaryngology Marketing Plan to help you reach your goals.

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