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Health Practice Marketing

Build Your Practice

We offer multiple ways to help you grow your practice, depending on your unique needs and preferences. Every service Practice Builders offers is proven to work to keep your practice growing, even through recessions, reimbursement cuts and turf invasions by deep-pocketed competitors. Our comprehensive offering of healthcare marketing strategies range from extensive staff training to eMedia solutions, all positioned to help our practice achieve optimal healthcare success.

Practice Success Workshops

Practice Builders Practice Success Workshops
In an interactive setting, our Workshop will provide you with proven healthcare marketing strategies to achieve any practice growth goal you choose.
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Onsite Consultations

Practice Builders Onsite Consultations
This convenient 1-day session is held at your practice, which we’ll reveal to you every healthcare marketing strategy and technique we unveil in our Practice Success Workshops.
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Brand Identity

Practice Builders Brand Identity
Our team of designers and writers can create custom and beautiful healthcare branding to help your practice stand out from the competition.
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Online Solutions

Practice Builders Online Solutions
Enhance your practice online with our comprehensive array of custom medical search engine optimization solutions so patients and referrers can easily find you on the web.
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Protect your practice by closely monitoring your online reputation 24/7.
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Practice Training Programs

Practice Builders Practice Training Programs
We can diagnose and develop a healthcare marketing plan with your staff to enforce ongoing, consistent initiatives for generating patient and provider referrals.
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Practice PR

Practice Builders Practice PR
Whether it’s local airtime or article recognition in a health publication, our Medical PR solutions can help your practice receive more press and positive awareness.
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Hotline Consultations

Practice Builders Hotline Consultations
In the comfort of your office, you can call a veteran healthcare marketing consultant to get advanced healthcare marketing strategies that will protect and grow your practice.
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Virtual Consultations

Practice Builders Virtual Consultations
Our Virtual Healthcare Marketing Consultations feature a no-travel, all-phone-and-internet format and all of the benefits of working with Practice Builders.
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