Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Overview of Our Services

Electronic Patient Eligibility Checks: Prior to the patient entering your office, we check for each patient’s eligibility. In turn, this helps in reducing claim submission errors and improves upon reimbursement processes.

Claims Submission: Minimizing rejections and delays is the primary goal with electronic submissions. Therefore, our platform provides appropriate activity tracking your claims and rescuing these rejections.

Electronic Remittance & Payment Posting: Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that are received electronically help to save time, increase the productivity of staff, and minimize the chances of errors (manual posting for those not utilizing EHR in office available).

Analytics & Data Reporting: Identifying trends, claims monitoring and root cause analysis are key components to managing your revenue streams. Our analytical solutions are comprised of CRM dashboards, standard reports and technological tools. Therefore, the focus becomes streamlined on the operational, financial & clinical performance of your practice.

Accounts Receivable: 30%…that’s the average of total A/R balances reduced due to our specialized checks & balances methodology. And, our teams perform thorough follow-ups with your claim submissions until adjudicated.

Collections: Our service aims to maximize collections, while reducing associated costs. We leverage all methods of communicating with patients, we provide multiple payment options and our performance dashboard allows us to monitor the payment cycle from start to finish.

Credentialing: Proper credentialing is a requirement for establishing claims reimbursement and it’s a key component of the revenue cycle process. Our dedicated team ensures timely & efficient credentialing with the necessary payors so that you’re aligned with fair compensation standards.


Call us at 917.579.6842 to get more information about Revenue Builders. Our RCM specialist Josh Wolf will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started.

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