case study

The Challenge

One of the problems was that our client was new to the concepts of cosmetic surgery marketing and SEO. When we started planning SEO campaigns for this website, we faced many challenges:

  • The website was newly designed and had no domain authority.
  • The brand was not established in the local market.
  • The website was not ranking in the search engines.
  • Organic traffic for the website was nil.
  • The website was not responsive.

The Solution

With a change in keyword strategy and an overhauled content marketing plan, our client was able to attract more organic traffic to its website and increase its digital footprint.

In the year 2017, the website organic traffic (from Jan-01-2017 to Dec-31-2017) was 8,890, and its keyword ranking on Google's first page was 561. After running our highly targeted SEO campaigns, the website's organic traffic (from Jan-01-2018 to Dec-31-2018) was 32,249, and its keyword ranking on Google's first page was 2,206.

Backlinks of the website increased from 0 in 2017 to 761 in Sept 2018. In addition, our client observed a vast improvement in the traction of its website after we made it responsive and user-friendly.

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End Results

This is a remarkable case study that highlights how powerful content marketing strategy can be when coupled with the traditional SEO tactics. Mainly through relevant content creation and website optimization, we were able to achieve improved rankings and generate organic traffic.

An increased number of organic website visitors, reputation enhancement and an upward trend in conversion rates are all evidence that SEO is a useful tool in taking your medical practice to the next level. You only need to find the right healthcare marketing professionals who follow ethical SEO practices.