case study

The Challenge

When we started SEO for this site, we faced the following challenges:

  • The website was newly developed and was not optimized.
  • The click-through rate was very low.
  • Our client was losing search volume year after year.
  • Organic traffic for the website was below average.
  • The website was not responsive.

The Solution

Until December 2016, the website organic traffic was 4,018, and its keyword ranking on Google's first page was 62. In 2017, immediately after running our highly targeted SEO campaigns, the website's organic traffic increased to 64,090 visitors and the keyword ranking on the first page of Google was 81. However, in 2018 (until October), the website’s organic traffic had skyrocketed to 75,295 visitors, and the keyword ranking on the first page of Google was 118.

Backlinks of the website increased from 0 in 2017 to 47.0 in 2018. In addition, our client noticed a commendable improvement in the traction of its website after we made it responsive and user-friendly.

Keyword research is an essential step in the entire SEO cycle. Scientifically chosen, relevant keywords selected by analyzing Google’s ranking algorithm and target-patient persona helped our client achieve its goals. In addition to keyword search and analysis, a data-focused approach kept our efforts organized and on track.

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End Results

What did our SEO campaigns deliver? A higher ranking in the search engines, improved online reputation, increased conversion rates and, most of all, an SEO-driven website that attracts more targeted visitors and will scale successfully as the practice thrives.

Within the first few months, we saw significant traction on our client’s website, an indicator that movement was on the horizon. This movement was vital for us because it indicated that we were on the right track. Soon, the link building efforts helped our client gain authority of its SEO-driven and optimized website. From that moment forward, our client’s website has seen increased organic traffic that eventually contributed to an enhanced reputation and improved bottom line.