case study

The Challenge

An unfavorable online review on a popular third-party review site was ranking in third position of search engine results pages for one of the main keywords of our client’s brand name. Our client approached us in January 2018 and was keen to move the negative review to position 12 or lower so it would not appear on the first page of search results. Because online reviews are key to a brand’s reputation and image, our client wanted page-one results to portray the brand in a positive manner.

Solution 1

In order to protect the brand’s reputation and to mitigate the impact of the unfavorable review, the aim was to control the rankings of the main keyword on the first page of search results. However, after assessing the situation, the best course of action was to increase the number of positive reviews on various online platforms, including social media sites and third-party review sites.

We helped our client improve average star and review ratings on popular third-party sites, including Healthgrades, RateMDs, Wellness and DrScore. The positive reviews and star ratings put the brand in a positive light and helped increase its brand awareness and online reputation. The positive reviews were helpful in mitigating the negative impact of bad reviews. We anticipated that this strategy would deliver results quickly and cost effectively and help our client earn a credible reputation.

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Solution 2

We worked with the client to leverage his existing network and created content and web pages designed to rank well in search in order to accurately showcase his work. Because social networking sites are the order of the day, we wrote blogs and posts that promoted our client’s services and brand name on Facebook, Google and other online platforms. A significant amount of positive and strategic publicity helped our client sail through the difficult time.

End Results

Within the first three months, we managed to get all of the client’s social media profiles to rank on page one of search engines and to increase the ranking of positive reviews. By the end of sixth month, we were able to achieve our objective of decreasing the ranking of the negative review so that it no longer appears on first page of search engine results.