December 12, 2008 : Practice Builders’ 2008 Marketing Tactics Survey Reveals Biggest Practice Challenge, Best Tactics for Healthcare Practitioners

December 12, 2008

Practice Builders’ 2008 Marketing Tactics Survey Reveals Biggest Practice Challenge, Best Tactics for Healthcare Practitioners

Orange, California, USA, December 18, 2008 – Healthcare practitioners reported that attracting and keeping patients in the down economy is their biggest practice challenge today, according to Practice Builders’ 2008 Marketing Tactics survey. The first-ever survey reported responses from more than 860 healthcare practitioners.

Designed to uncover the marketing tactics that are generating the best results for private practice owners during the recession, the survey showed practitioners reported that the tactics that are working best for them include internal prospecting to current patients, community events, websites and asking for referrals from colleagues. However, a large percentage of practitioners reported in each marketing category that none of their tactics were successful.

"It’s important for healthcare practitioners to understand which marketing tactics are working during these challenging economic times," said Joel Ellis, President/Chief Executive Officer of Practice Builders. "Practice Builders’ mission has always been to educate private practice owners on the marketing techniques that are proven to work, and we will continue to gather and share that information with private practice owners."

One surprise in the survey results was that respondents indicated in the "External Marketing" category that community events were generating better results than Yellow Pages advertising, print ads in newspapers and magazines and other popular marketing methods.

The survey also revealed that 34.5% of respondents are marketing more than one year ago; 18.8% are marketing less than a year ago, and 46.6% are marketing the same as they were one year ago.

Responding to this information, Mr. Ellis said, "I hope that those healthcare practitioners who haven’t changed their marketing strategies will remember Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In tough times like these, it’s important to adjust marketing strategies to help patients understand why their healthcare should be a priority when money is tight, and why those patients should come to your practice instead of another."

Full results from Practice Builders’ November 2008 Marketing Tactics Survey are now available at

Practice Builders, the leading healthcare marketing company since 1979, partners with private practice healthcare practitioners to help grow their practices. It provides marketing education and services through Marketing Workshops held in cities across North America, through "House Call" Onsite Consultations and Virtual Marketing House Calls that require no travel and are held at the client’s convenience, and through the leading healthcare marketing agency in the U.S.

Practice Builders is celebrating 30 years of practice success in 2009 with its 30th anniversary in healthcare marketing.

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