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If you’re like many dentists, you find yourself trying to explain a lot of information to your patients during their too-short visits. And if your patients are like most patients, you’ve likely had difficulty conveying that information even in the best circumstances. And this affects your bottom line: Patients who don’t understand a treatment plan are less likely to follow through on it and maintain routine office visits.

Practice Builders’ dental patient education app provides a simple, cost-effective means for you to educate patients efficiently and clearly, both at the point of treatment and beyond. Today’s patients are both empowered by and tethered to their mobile devices. They want and expect access to records, results and other functions at home or on-the-go through their phones. Our patient education app is the ideal means to educate and engage your patients as well as to exceed their expectations.

While developing a mobile engagement strategy may seem daunting, Practice Builders offers a simple solution: our cost-effective dental patient education app that makes informing and connecting with patients easier than ever, so you can:

  • Bring your procedures and services pages to life with high-quality videos to explain dental procedures
  • Help patients and their families understand and accept recommended treatments
  • Market your dental practice and services to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions

There’s a dental patient education app for that

Our on-the-go patient education app not only supplements explanations of procedures at the point of treatment but answers patients’ questions, saving your practice the effort of handling a barrage of incoming calls.

With this intuitive on-the-go solution, you can encourage patient engagement and elevate their overall levels of satisfaction. It provides high value to your patients at low cost to your practice. The app empowers patients, encouraging them to take a more active role in their care and cementing their relationship with your practice by:

  • Giving access to educational materials. These can allay fears they may have of upcoming intimidating procedures, encouraging them to keep set appointments.
  • Promoting campaigns. You may opt to run promotions and advertise them through the app.
  • Making your office as their go-to for all things dental. Providing the app builds brand awareness and loyalty by providing a customized, personally branded mobile application. Cementing yourself as a dental authority will encourage them to pursue additional services, like cosmetic options, through your office.

Studies indicate that 46% of healthcare professionals will introduce mobile apps to their practices in the next five years. Now is the time to establish yourself as an innovator in the dental industry. Get a lead on your competition by providing your patients with a service that is currently a novelty.

Our app is the simple solution for enabling positive brand association and increasing patient engagement. Practice Builders’ dental app for patients leads the industry in cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation and access. It’s the right choice for dental offices looking to save time while increasing patient engagement. If you’re interested in learning more about our proprietary dental patient education app, call us at 855.898.2710 for more information.

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