July 2016

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July 2016

7 Ways to Host a Successful Practice Event

One of the most proven ways to gain new patients, connect with existing patients and grow your influence in your community is to host an event at your medical, dental or veterinary practice. Whether it’s a small-scale educational event for patients with a specific health condition or a large social gathering to introduce a new service, associate, technology or practice location, here are seven tips for planning and executing a successful in-office event…

One: Choose a Relevant Topic or Theme

Pick something that matters to a large percentage or your patients. The best topic is one you often talk to your patients about or one that relates to the time of year or a topic that’s been in the news. Popular topics include weight loss, healthy eating, skin care, disease prevention and stress management.

Two: Timing Is Critical

You’ll need three to five months of planning and preparation, time to personally invite patients as they visit your practice. Do not schedule an event early in the week. The best days are Thursday and Friday, when patients are preparing for the weekend and more likely to deviate from normal daily routines. While most events are best held after 7 pm, you might also target stay-at-home moms for midmorning events while their children are in school. Set an attendance goal for your event.

Three: Spread the News

Post flyers in every exam room and reception area and make extra copies to hand out to patients. Encourage your staff to personally invite patients and other invitees.

You can also have your staff post flyers on community bulletin boards and heavily trafficked areas. Email your patients with event details and RSVP. Post information about your event on your website and social media platforms. Ask your local pharmacy or other small business to post your flyer, as well.

Four: Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Raise the bar for your patient experience. Your event should be a no-pressure space for patients and future patients to get to know your staff, your services and your practice atmosphere. Meet every guest and make yourself available to help attendees who may be interested in your dental, medical or veterinary services. You and your staff should be friendly, informative and approachable.

Five: Share Your Branding

Give your attendees/guests a little piece of your practice to take away with them. Make sure it promotes your brand with your practice colors, style, logo and contact information. It can be a brochure, business card, appointment card or printed special offer certificate. Consider useful “swag” items such as water bottles, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets or unusual pens with your branding. Help your attendees remember you long after your special event has ended.

Six: Take Attendance

Gather information from every attendee as he or she arrives at your event. Collect their phone numbers and email addresses so you can inform them about future events. Be sure to ask them how they heard about your event. Compare your actual attendance to the goal you set when you were planning your event. You should know how many attendees are current patients, potential new patients and professional referral sources.

Seven: Take Stock

Take an inventory of your event. Did you reach your attendance goal or new patient goal? How many new patient first-visit appointments were made? Did your topic attract the kind of patients you want? Was the event worth your investment of time, money and human resources? How well did your staff perform? Your answers to these questions will help you determine new goals for future events.

Remember to continue engaging with attendees via email after your event is over. Thank them for attending, facilitate easy appointment-setting, offer them a discount on cash-based services or a complimentary consultation about their specific health problem or condition. Keep them informed about new services and future events.

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