Email Marketing Policy

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Email Marketing Policy

Practice Builders Email Policy and Procedures

Practice Builders enforces a strict email marketing policy. All personal, internal and external, are required to follow these procedures at all times. No department will send email to anyone who has not opted to receive the email; and furthermore, even after you have opted in, you can opt out at any time.


1. Subscription management links and removal options are clearly visible and readily available.

2. We will never share, rent or sell a subscriber’s email address from our database or email list.

3. We will never use a customer’s or subscriber’s email address for any purpose other than that which the customer or subscriber requested.

4. A subscriber’s email address will never be added to an email list unless both steps of the double opt-in process have been completed for that specific email list.


Practice Builders strongly opposes and does not condone any form of spamming activity. Practice Builders welcomes any feedback on privacy or spam issues related to its initiatives regarding its lists, and we ask that you report any spam or suspicious email activity. All email distributed by Practice Builders will comply with the Can Spam Act and Practice Builders’ email and privacy policy.

Third-Party Lists and Email Marketing Lists

All existing lists must be purged against an opted-in list. Any emails that are not present in the opted-in list must be purged from all hard drives and systems immediately.

No person may ever purchase or obtain lists in order to solicit for marketing purposes. All contacts and data must have been obtained in ONLY the following methods:

1. Opted-in marketing from websites or landing pages

2. Tradeshows or events

Note: All tradeshows and events require active communication and express verbal or written consent to be solicited. As a precautionary measure, all contacts must re-opt in utilizing a double opt-in methodology.

Third-Party Lists

Practice Builders policies strictly prohibit the use of third-party lists. This includes purchased or rented lists and lists scraped from third-party sources, including public websites. Your list should be collected entirely by you, and you should use a proper opt-in method.


Both hard and soft bounced emails should be checked for their originating source and should be immediately removed and placed on a do-not-email suppression system.

Do-Not-Emails and Unsubscribes

All email subscribers who have requested to be removed from the list should be removed from ALL lists within 24 hours.

Purchases or Other Domain Uses

It is strictly forbidden to utilize secondary domains in order to deceive or solicit for business.


Include an unsubscribe link in campaigns. Federal anti-spam laws require you to give people a way to unsubscribe from your list in every campaign you send. We require you to use our *|UNCUT|* merge tag for this, which inserts a link to your unsubscribe form.

All Policies Apply

Regardless of whether any marketing services are sourced to other divisions, all policies must be upheld with the strictest adherence. All divisions are strictly required to ensure that these policies and procedures are followed at all times.

Alerts and Whistleblowers

In the event of any violation of this policy, an email must be sent to At no time may an employee be terminated for alerting to violations of the anti-spam policy.

Upon any alerts, the division will be asked to cease all campaigns and show all proof of opted-in requirements.

Regular Audits

A third-party company will audit all divisions at random. In order to comply with the anti-spam policies set forth by Practice Builders, a random quarterly audit shall be conducted by a third party. All members of the division are required to comply with the auditors in order to ensure that our policies are being strictly followed.