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We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions from healthcare professionals in nearly specialty. Our collection includes an array of questions from concerns regarding concerns about medical marketing to the needs of a start-up practice. Click on any question below to find more information.


  • Who is Practice Builders?

    Ans. In 1979, Practice Builders pioneered the field of professional practice marketing. Today, we are the largest private-practice healthcare marketing firm in the nation. Our success stems from the success of our clients, who are located in every state and in nearly every imaginable healthcare specialty and socio-economic environment.

  • Why should I choose Practice Builders?

    Ans. Since 1979, Practice Builders has been helping practices like yours reach their growth and success goals. We focus on your specific areas of strength and show you how to promote them in the most effective ways-to attract and retain new patients, cultivate referrals and generate new revenue. Our experience is vast and deep because we have worked closely with over 15,000 healthcare practices.

  • How do I get started with Practice Builders?

    Ans. You have several choices. You can attend one of our two-day Practice Success Workshops held in dozens of cities around the country. Or you can have us come directly to your practice for an onsite consultation. Or you can simply call us and tell us about your marketing needs and have us help you directly. In any case, you’ll receive a written, customized marketing plan tailor-made to meet your objectives. Your plan will help you avoid the hit-or-miss tactics you may have used in the past.

  • What if I just need Practice Builders to help me with my marketing?

    Ans. All you have to do is call us at 800.679.1262 and we’ll be happy to assist you.
    If you work within a group practice, have multiple practice owners or extensive experience in marketing, you may need an onsite consultation at your practice. We can provide an accelerated one-day session with you and your staff in the convenience of your office.

  • What if I’m uncomfortable with the idea of marketing my practice?

    Ans. You’re not alone. Practice marketing was illegal before 1979, and that legacy still shapes many doctors’ attitudes. Plus, you may have seen other practitioners using tacky methods that reflect poorly on them – and their professions. Think of marketing as a way to attract and retain the patients you want, cultivate stronger referrals and generate increased revenue. Focus on those benefits.

  • Isn’t marketing risky?

    Ans. Done correctly, marketing can actually reduce your risk while enhancing your bottom line and your image. In fact, numerous studies suggest that it is much riskier not to market. Practice Builders takes the risk out of marketing with our exclusive program success guarantee.

  • Can marketing help my large group practice?

    Ans. Absolutely. In fact, large group practices typically have to work harder to gain consumer attention. They are often subject to the laws of tough corporate competition. Keep in mind that it is important to involve all practice owners from the start. We also recommend designating a "marketing program champion" who can facilitate your decision-making efficiently. With multiple decision-makers involved, sometimes personal preferences win out over best strategies for the practice. So it is important to appoint one person to stay focused on your original practice objectives.

  • How do I select the right marketing firm?

    Ans. If you’re looking for quantifiable results and an enhanced reputation, then relevant experience and repeated successes are the most important criteria to consider.

  • What if I have multiple goals for my practice?

    Ans. Many of our clients have more than one goal. We will address all of your goals with you. Based on our discussions, your goals will be included in your success plan. We have found that multiple goals are easier to achieve if you have the right plan in place to help you.

  • What if my partners and staff are resistant to marketing?

    A. Most of the practitioners who resist marketing are the ones who equate it with advertising, which is a marketing subset. Advertising is only one part of a fully developed marketing plan. Others include branding, internal marketing, e-marketing, pricing and referral strategies. Once your partners and staff understand that marketing is about attracting the right patients, building referrals and generating revenue, they can put aside their concerns and embrace your program.

  • How can I market and treat patients at the same time?

    A .With our programs, we do most of the work, including creation and implementation, for you. We understand that you are a healthcare practitioner first and a businessperson second. That’s why you’ll not only receive a written marketing plan, you’ll also be advised on the best ways to execute it. We want you to succeed and can help you assemble the best resources to achieve your goals.

  • How do I know that marketing will work?

    Ans. You don’t. But if you follow Practice Builders’ recommendations – based on proven results with over 15,000 healthcare practices – your chance for success will be greatly enhanced.

  • What services does Practice Builders offer?

    Ans. We offer a wide range of services – traditional marketing, Internet marketing (e-media, social media, web design, development and hosting, SEO and PPC), staff customer service excellence and practice representative training and consulting.

  • Which healthcare specialties does Practice Builders work with?

    Ans. We have worked with so many that it would be difficult to list them all. We have worked with virtually every medical subspecialty, all the dental subspecialties plus physical and occupational therapists, vision and hearing specialists and veterinarians.

  • Can you help a start-up practice with a small budget?

    Ans. Yes. We create basic traditional and e-media start-up packages that can cost as little as $1,500 or less per month. All it takes is a free consultation to get you started.