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How Does Healthcare Customer Service Training Help Your Practice?

Healthcare customer service training is customized to fit your practice needs. Our trainers, experts in practice and operational management, also understand the roles your staff plays to ensure your success. Customer service training for healthcare workers helps you optimize and streamline staff communication skills. Whether you have a small, large, multi-specialty or multi-location practice, your staff will learn to:

  • Attract the patients you want
  • Improve telephone and customer service skills
  • Convert patient calls into appointments
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention
  • Stimulate patient-to-patient referrals
  • Optimize your marketing program and tactics
  • Support your marketing strategies as a cohesive team

Customer Service Training for Healthcare Practice Representatives

Developing your professional referrals is a critical part of every marketing plan. Professional referrals are still the lifeblood of most healthcare practices. But you can’t effectively increase referral numbers without building strong, ongoing relationships with your referring colleagues.

This often means recruiting someone from outside your practice to take on this important responsibility, or designating a current staff member to be your practice representative (most clients prefer this option) for one day each week. But that is only a first step. To be truly effective, your new representative needs professional customer service in healthcare training.

That’s where Practice Builders’ Practice Representative Training can help. In addition to their extensive experience as trainers, most of our trainers have worked inside healthcare practices. So you can feel comfortable knowing your staff is being trained by knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand their daily pressures and can help them work smarter to have greater impact on your success.

The goal of healthcare customer service training activities is to turn your designated practice representative into a professional referral powerhouse. Here is what your representative will be able to do after training:

  • Develop and foster referral relationships between your practice and referring practices to increase referrals
  • Target referring and non-referring practices through personal office visits
  • Meet with key office staff to discuss your services, introduce your marketing materials and demonstrate the most strategic use of your services
  • Educate referring practices about your services and explain why they should refer patients to you

Increasing Patient Case Acceptance

Practice Builders has been increasing revenues for private-practice physicians for 38 years. We’ve found that a strong case acceptance program starts at the front desk and ends with an accepted treatment plan. A case acceptance program will help you motivate patients to accept treatment plans and procedures that aren’t covered by their health or dental insurance. They’ve come to you for a reason. Your staff will learn to advocate on their behalf and encourage forward movement.

What Sets This Healthcare Staff Training Program Apart?

Practice Builders’ Case Acceptance® is a healthcare customer service training program customized and personalized specifically for your practice. We develop a streamlined protocol for case acceptance that starts at your front desk and ends with a successful patient visit. We help everyone on your staff understand your practice strategies and make them partners in your success! You’ll benefit from:

  • Proven role-playing case acceptance strategies: We’ll present you and your team with case scenarios by acting as a patient, while you and your team present and act out your roles in closing a case. We’ll then evaluate, recommend changes and hone your case presentation skills to optimize case acceptance.
  • A successful customer-centered sales approach to case conversion
  • Proven marketing messages that help you and your staff move patients to say “Yes”
  • Emotionally compelling methods for discussing treatment and financial issues
  • Proven strategies for eliminating no-shows, late appointments and cancellations

So whether your staff needs case conversion, customer service excellence, practice representative or basic healthcare staff training, you’ll find effective solutions with Practice Builders’ customer service training for healthcare professionals programs. Experience shows that any investment in professional healthcare staff training programs will pay big dividends for your healthcare practice by helping you attract and retain more patients while increasing your revenues.

Call (855).898.2710 for more information about our industry-leading healthcare customer service training programs. Let us answer your questions and help increase not only your patient satisfaction but your bottom-line revenues, as well.

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