October 8, 2008 : Practice Builders’ New Economic Survey Results Now Available

October 8, 2008

Practice Builders’ New Economic Survey Results Now Available

Orange, California, USA, October 8, 2008 – Practice Builders announced today that their August 2008 Economic Survey showed that 55.7% of healthcare practice owners surveyed are seeing an increase in competition, while another 47.6% reported seeing a decrease in their practices during the economic downturn.

56.3% of practice owners reported that they are increasing their marketing in response to the economic downturn, an increase from the April Economic Survey, when 50.8% indicated they were increasing their marketing.

Asked if this trend surprised him, Practice Builders President/Chief Executive Officer Joel Ellis said, “It really doesn’t. Healthcare practice owners have become much more savvy about marketing. Years ago, they’d ask us, ‘Why do I need to market my practice?’ Now, they ask which marketing channel is most appropriate for them, and how to make the most of the Internet.”

Full results from Practice Builders’ August 2008 Economic Survey are now available at http://www.practicebuilders.com/news/reports/esr200808.asp/.

Practice Builders partners with private practice physicians to help grow their practices. Its Marketing Workshops are held more than 70 times per year in cities across North America, and its House Call Onsite Consultations and Virtual Marketing House Calls require no travel and are held at the client’s convenience.

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