Our Work

We use each practice’s unique qualities to create an effective brand.

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Healthcare Marketing

Our Work

From designing a custom website to printing a practice brochure, our seasoned team of art directors and copywriters has been involved within healthcare industries for over 30 years. We have created brand identities for myriad specialties in cities and towns throughout North America and overseas. We can help you build your practice’s brand identity in the way that will most benefit you and the goals of your practice.

Custom Websites

Practice Builders Custom Websites Services
Our custom websites help our clients strengthen their credibility and trust with patients online.
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Social Media

Practice Builders Social Media Services
With the power of social media, practices can cost-effectively attract patients and referrals.
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Practice Builders eBrochure Services
With our state-of-the-art eBrochures, practices expand their reach effectively online.
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Practice Builders eVideos Services
eVideos open up yet another channel for practices to reach patients. through virtual tours and video testimonials.
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Brand Identity

Practice Builders Brand Identity Services
Practice Builders has created and built brands in nearly every specialty for private practices.
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