Best Practices Guide: Facebook for Healthcare Professionals


Facebook is a great tool for engaging with your patient base, promoting your practice and building your presence on the web. It allows you to engage with your patients in many ways while offering them a wealth of information. Readers will be able to navigate your page to learn about what you specialize in as well as basic information such as your location and business phone number.

Tips on Getting Started

Upload a photo that best represents your practice, whether it be a headshot or a logo:

  • For branding efforts we advise practices to pick a main “default” picture and stick to it, as people will come to recognize this as the “face” of your Like page
  • Facebook allows you to create as many photo albums as you’d like; upload pictures that are relevant to your practice and give users a peek into what you specialize in

Fill out the information areas as thoroughly as possible while trying to keep it concise enough that people will have the time to read it.

  • Remember you can always add more in-detail information regarding your specialties or extensive knowledge in notes or wall posts
  • Make it easy for users to get in touch with you by including all necessary contact information, such as your phone number, practice website and address
  • Start gaining a Like page base by adding a link to your Like page on anything your patients or potential patients read, such as your practice’s website, other social media platforms, email signatures and business cards

Managing Your Facebook Page

Diversify your wall posts so that it becomes a conversation that your users are engaged in and not a just a broadcasting forum:

  • You can post questions requesting feedback from your users
  • You can post links to other content you want them to see such as podcasts, webinars and blog posts
  • You can announce contests, promotions and specials or new services you offer that your users may not know about otherwise
  • Don’t limit yourself to just text, you can add videos and photos to your wall posts
  • You can encourage your users to participate, have them share their experiences or personal photos of your practice

Other Helpful Tips

  • You can add other Like pages relevant to your industry under “favorite pages”, and ask them to add yours to theirs as a way of cross linking and helping each other mutually gain visibility
  • Always remember to respect the privacy of your patients in your posts
  • Update regulary so that your users- have fresh content to see, and most importantly have fun with it!

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