Best Practices Guide: LinkedIn for Healthcare Professionals

Best Practices: Maintaining an Effective LinkedIn Page for Your Healthcare Practice

LinkedIn is a great platform for marketing your practice by connecting with a network of thought leaders,
infl uencers and like-minded people who are interested in your specialty. The key is engaging with the right
audience to foster a network of current and potential patients, in addition to your professional referrers.

Enhance your credibility

  • Fill out your business profi le thoroughly; be sure to include a photo (possibly your practice logo) and any skills you’d like to highlight. Include a link to your practice website or any other practice-related links that may be available.
  • Get recommendations: Your peers or patients who know you can offer recommendations that will be broadcasted to future connections and act as testimonials on your behalf.
  • Be sure to use proper keywords so that people searching within your specialty will fi nd you in their results.
  • Using your existing connections, you can request to get introduced to their connections in their networks. This is a great way to get connected
    and break the ice at the same time.

Engage your network

  • Participate in the LinkedIn Question and Answers: This section offers the opportunity to build credibility within the eyes of potential patients and professional referrers by answering questions using your expertise without self-promotion.
  • Likewise, ask questions about the interests and needs of your potential patients: It never hurts to know your target audience better.
  • Be sure to respond to comments and messages in a timely matter. Staying active is an indication of your investment in the community.
  • If you have any news, updates or events about your practice, use the Status Update feature to update your network. In addition to posting practice-related status updates, posting news articles, blog posts or any other pertinent item is a way to connect to your network in a professional yet social environment.
  • It is not advised to use status updates to share personal information or any information about your patients. Using status updates only for professional-based purposes is recommended for LinkedIn.

Lead your network

  • Start a LinkedIn Group that is centered around your specialty; facilitate an ongoing conversation that people can join. This will grow your network organically as people refer others or readers take notice of the activity you’ve created.
  • Search for other groups to join. There are groups’for just about every niche you can possibly think of: college alumni groups, associations, profession-based, location-based and more.
  • Host events and broaden your network by inviting people you’d like to connect with, whether they are infl uencers of your niche or colleagues and patients.

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