The Typical Practice Suffers 8 Different Ways

How The Latest Technology Can Help

Do you know what your next month’s revenue will be based on this month’s marketing efforts? Do you know exactly where each new patient is coming from, or what your inquiry to patient conversion rate is? Do you know what parts of your marketing budget you should increase or eliminate, and when? Do you have complete control over the actual processes that build your practice and contribute to its ongoing financial health?

It is completely understandable if you answered “No” to most of these critical practice management questions. At best, you can make educated guesses about the effectiveness of your efforts to manage issues like finding new patients, cultivating referrals and growing practice revenues. But even educated guesses can be wildly off the mark.

If you are like most healthcare practitioners, you would rather spend more of your time helping patients than managing an advertising budget or worrying about where the next patient is coming from. Now, thanks to the latest software technology, you can. This new technology can solve many of your problems and help you recapture most of the time that practice management has stolen from patient treatment.

The 8 practice management headaches that are killing your practice

Probably the last thing you thought about when you finished your medical or dental education and training is that you would end up managing a healthcare business. Your dreams likely had more to do with helping people manage their health problems. Instead, you found
yourself dealing with these eight all-too-common, time-consuming practice management nightmares:

1. You are losing nearly 90 percent of your new patient inquiries

Studies show that the typical healthcare practice loses 88 percent of their new patient inquiries through poor management. You have no easy way to manage your incoming inquiries from all sources – the Internet, social networks, email, text messaging, telephone, patient and professional referrals, online reviews and directories, TV/radio, billboards or print media. Without the right technology, you cannot measure, organize or convert more of these so-called “new patient inquiries” into new patients.

2. Slow response time is costing you patients and money

You don’t have the ability to track how quickly you respond to the needs of each potential new patient. You don’t have the ability to call potential new patients quickly and thereby increase your conversion rates or notify your staff about each patient inquiry via email or text message.

You need a better perspective on your customer service and patients’ experiences

Without the ability to conduct automatic patient satisfaction surveys at regular intervals, it is nearly impossible to gain an accurate perspective on customer service and the overall patient experience at your practice.

4. No-shows and time management issues are starving your practice

You need a way to reduce or eliminate no-shows, schedule patients more easily, send automatic appointment reminders and check your appointments easily from any location, including your iPhone, Blackberry or Android and feed this information to your practice
management software.

5. Without accurate information, you cannot focus on areas for improvement

You need to focus on areas for improvement, but you don’t know how your staff is performing or what your actual patient conversion rate is. With the growth, stability and longevity of your practice at stake, you need a way to capture this information and
generate reliable reports.

6. You are unable to set realistic goals for your practice

You need to set realistic goals and quotas if you are to grow and succeed to your own expectations. You need an easy way to enhance and achieve practice revenue growth.

You lack the resources needed to generate consistent targeted email campaigns

If you had targeted email, you could nurture those patient inquiries that don’t convert quickly. You could create and store email templates that would save you and your staff time and continue to make regular contact with prospects and existing patients and stimulate visits.

You worry about information security and HIPAA compliance

You practice should have the highest level of encrypted security. Your patient information should be secure from the first inquiry all the way through appointment scheduling and beyond. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your patient information is safer than typical non-secure emails.

The latest technology can help you solve many problems

Today’s technology can make your practice life so much easier. With the right patient relationship management (PRM) tool, you can measure, organize and convert more of your patient inquiries into new patients. You can manage incoming inquiries and easily increase your conversions from the industry average of 12 percent to 50 percent or more.

Technology can automate your patient relationships and processes – from setting the first appointment to managing no-shows and follow-up visits. Just as importantly, it can give you a clear, concise analysis – a snapshot of your ROI and results – all in one place on an easy-to-read dashboard – customized to your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is also completely scalable to your practice size, and it eliminates the guesswork and waste in your marketing efforts.

Current technology offers a unique, fully customized practice management tool that is easy to set up and use and extremely effective at helping you turn new patient inquiries into new patients. Designed to fully integrate with your current and future marketing efforts, PRM technology helps accelerate your patient base and increase your profitability. By giving you the ability to precisely measure and improve what matters most to you, technology can give you complete control over your marketing investments, staff response time to
patient inquiries plus patient conversion rate, feedback and satisfaction.

It can give you the ability to track the source of every one of your new patients. Every ad, website, search, directory and phone call can now be tracked from your advertising source all the way to billing. You can now see the profitability of every marketing dollar invested by advertising source, by customer, by specialty and by procedure – at a glance. You can increase and improve what works and eliminate what doesn’t. You are in control. You can know what’s happening, what’s working and what needs to be improved so you can make the best decisions for your patients, your practice and your peace of mind.

Increase your paying patients, staff response time and much more

You can help dramatically increase the number of paying patients you see each month. The right technology can help your staff easily capture, manage and convert leads into paying patients. Improving your conversion rate is essential to expanding your patient base. Minutes matter when responding to online patient inquiries. Technology helps your staff respond more quickly, more professionally and with the follow-up needed to dramatically increase inquiry conversion. You can even measure the performance of each member of your staff who is responsible for following up on inquiries.

Polished, professional email campaigns

Sequenced email campaigns targeted by specialty and procedure can be sent automatically to each inquiry until an appointment is made. Leaving no stone unturned, you can even receive text alerts when inquiries for certain procedures aren’t followed up in the timeframe you designate for your staff. By allowing you to do what you do best – practice medicine – you can now simply set the direction for your practice and let technology ensure that it gets done.

You can give your practice the polished, professional look it needs in the eyes of your patients. Your patients can receive professional, customized, automatic email notifications with appointment setting designed to sync with each patient’s Outlook, Google and Yahoo calendars. One day before the appointment, you can send another email that includes a door-todoor map from the patient’s home to your office. Finally, on the day of the appointment, you can send a text appointment reminder directly to the patient’s cell phone.

Eliminating no-shows and much more

When a “no-show” occurs, you can automatically commence a new series of emails to the patient encouraging them to reschedule. You can also generate a reminder for your staff to call the patient. Your marketing dollars will no longer go to waste and your no-shows will become a thing of the past.

Growing your patient referral business and improving your practice’s reputation are two of the most profitable draws your practice will ever have. Until now, controlling and improving patient referrals has been a hit-or-miss proposition. With the latest technology, your patients can automatically receive emails asking for their feedback and satisfaction levels. Once the patient provides feedback for you or your staff to review, you can have the added option of submitting their positive comments for publication on major healthcare review sites. In addition, you can send emails to all patients who submit positive feedback asking them to recommend you to their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Technology can now tell you exactly what you need to know in order to increase your patient base and profitability. It can give you a real-time report card focused on the critical aspects of your practice – anywhere, anytime. It can give you the power to improve, control and manage your practice, efficiently and effectively.

The easy solution

Thanks to Practice Builder’s new myPracticeBuilder™ solution, you have the power to improve, control and manage your practice like never before, including:

  • Achieving true visibility of your ROI with an all-in-one dashboard
  • Ensuring that your patient information is safe and HIPAA-compliant
  • Calling new patient inquiries quickly and increasing your conversion rates
  • Using automated processes to improve patient retention and attracting more
    professional referrals
  • Staying on track to eliminate no-shows and improve billing per hour with patient email
    and text message reminders
  • Tracking and evaluating customer service performance at a glance
  • Attracting and retaining patients with targeted, professional email campaigns

Today’s technology can give you leading-edge online marketing, referral-building, revenue enhancement and practice management solutions – plus the exact tools you need to eliminate your most common practice management headaches. To learn more about myPracticeBuilder and arrange for a free demonstration, talk to one of our program consultants at 800.679.1200.

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