Find out whether you're missing on opportunities to grow, protect or diversify your practice.

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Healthcare Self-Assessment Solutions


Find out whether you’re missing out on opportunities to grow, protect or diversify your practice by completing the following Practice Self-Assessment. When you’re done, we will evaluate your situation and provide a FREE Marketing Needs Analysis. If you’d like to speak directly with one of our Program Consultants, call (855).898.2710.

1. Which of the following best describes your situation?

2.Marketing is no longer optional

3. What is your gross revenue growth goal over the next 12 months?

4. How would you rate your current marketing program ?

5. How often do you ask new patients how they heard about you ?

6. How do most of your new patients find you ?

7. Is competition an issue?

8. Are you a :

9. What has the revenue growth trend been for your practice over the past 24 months ?

10. How would you rate your staff ?

11. What is your estimate of your current marketing budget? (Ads, gifts, website, incentives, etc. ?

12. What is your desired timeline for implementing some new or different marketing ideas ?

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