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Lacking a brand identity?

Lacking a brand identity?

Who are you? What makes you different and unique among competing health practices in your specialty? What are your strengths, and how does your care and treatment benefit patients? We can help you crystallize your true brand identity and create branded content marketing and websites that engages consumers wherever they happen to be in their patient experience journey. We help your brand deliver benefits to your practice by identifying you as the answer to a consumer’s health question and the solution to a consumer’s particular healthcare problem.

Knowing Your Brand

Your brand is the sum total of everything your practice represents in the minds of patients, and everything a new patient can expect from their patient experience. Your brand is what helps your target audience uniquely identify you and distinguish your practice from others. Your brand is reflected in your logo, choice of colors, type fonts, images and content across all of your marketing and practice materials, including online and print ads, brochures, e-books, patient education materials, letterhead, business cards and more. But branding is much more than that. It’s all the ways that patients experience your practice including your customer service, communication style, service offerings and more.

Whether or Not You Realize it, Your Practice Has a Brand

The vast majority of health practices don’t think in terms of branding and don’t really know what their brand is. Practice Builders can help you define and build your brand more effectively through digital and traditional marketing solutions that reflect who you are along with the strengths of your practice and your patient services.

Why Your Practice Needs a Brand

For starters, having a distinct brand can make written and verbal communications easier and more efficient. Think of it as a form of shorthand that succinctly describes who you are and what you’re about. Instead of trying to describe yourself in several paragraphs, you can do it in a sentence when you have a well-defined brand. It also differentiates you from other practices in your geographic area and specialty, and lets prospective patients know what they can expect from you and your brand of care.

Communicating Your Brand with Your Website Content

Your website, blogs and other content should consistently communicate your brand identity and your brand promise. Your brand promise is the experience your patients can expect to have every single time they interact with your practice. The more you deliver on that promise, the stronger your brand value will become in the mind of patients and staff. For example, if you promise “highly personalized care every step of the way” then make sure that you and members of your office team deliver it every time you interact with patients.

Build Your Brand With mySymptomCheckerTM

The easy-to-use mySymptomCheckerTM solution gives prospective patients a simple triage tool for deciding whether their symptoms require a visit to your office. It can also give them valuable health tips and self-care advice for relieving their minor symptoms at home, enhancing your reputation and your brand.

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