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When today’s patients have symptoms, they often turn to online resources to search for guidance on what to do. There is so much information available: which sources are reliable and accurate? They may quickly become overwhelmed, leading to unnecessary anxiety and worry. What would my doctor want me to do?

That’s where mySymptomChecker can help.

mySymptomChecker:  an online triage tool to help your patients

This easy-to-use self-triage tool supports your patients in deciding whether their symptoms require a visit with your office. It’s evidence-based, which sets it apart from simply Googling symptoms and hoping for reliable results. It includes valuable self-care advice for relieving minor symptoms at home or until they can be seen at your office (or via virtual care).

Your patients can use this mySymptomChecker to learn…

How serious are their symptoms? mySymptomChecker helps patients determine their symptom severity/acuity and also offers a safe time frame in which they should be seen (if medical care is needed).

Do they need a healthcare visit? We often think of self-triage as a tool to prevent inappropriate ER visits. Most patients are seeking direction on “What is the appropriate action to take” as well as “What care options are available?” such as in-person care versus virtual care.

What steps can they take now to relieve their symptoms? mySymptomChecker offers step-by-step advice that helps patients take appropriate action to relieve their symptoms. Sometimes the self-care advice, alone, is all they need. In other scenarios, the advice offers some relief while they wait for their appointment.

mySymptomChecker is easy to use and just takes 2-3 minutes

  1. Find their symptom. It offers three search methods to suit patients’ preferences:
    • a body-area search
    • an alphabetical listing of all care guides
    • a keyword search
  2. Choose the symptom statements and click or tap the first that matches their scenario
  3. Receive a recommended action and select from the fulfillment options your practice offers. This allows you to direct patient flow.
  4. Access step-by-step care advice for symptom relief

What users say about mySymptomChecker…

“Your symptom answered my questions. I’ll use it again.”

“It’s really helpful to use the advice on your website. I printed out the care advice to share with my husband.  It’s makes remembering all details/instructions a lot easier.”

“Your website checker was helpful and now I know I can wait until tomorrow to take my son to the doctor. Thank you.”

Learn how mySymptomChecker can help your patients determine the most appropriate action for many health problems. Contact one of our healthcare marketing consultants today at 855-898-2710 or email

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