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a helpful tool for checking their symptoms.

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Thanks to the internet, today’s patients often try to diagnose themselves by researching their own health conditions online. As you know, there are over 10,000 diseases in the world, so the symptoms of one condition often overlap symptoms associated with dozens of other conditions.

Although the internet is an excellent tool, it often does more harm than good, especially when it comes to diagnosing a patient’s physical and mental health. Many people Google their symptoms and try to figure out if they have a certain condition. This is self-diagnosis, which often leads to unnecessary anxiety and worry for the patient.

The problem is that self-diagnosis is often wrong. That’s where mySymptomChecker™ can help.


This easy-to-use solution gives your patients a simple triage tool for deciding whether their symptoms require a follow up visit with your office. It can also give them valuable health tips and self-care advice for relieving their minor symptoms at home.

Your patients can use this symptom checker to learn…

How serious are their symptoms? Should they make an appointment to see you for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment? Or can they relieve their minor symptoms with self-treatment at home?

Do they need a healthcare visit? The symptom checker will suggest a health visit when the patient’s symptoms reveal the possibility of a more serious condition.

What steps can they take to relieve their symptoms at home? The symptom checker offers step-by-step advice that helps patients take appropriate action to relieve their symptoms at home with self-care.

An easy-to-understand body chart. Helps patients pinpoint bodily areas where they are experiencing symptoms.

A user-friendly interactive interface. Allows patients to describe their symptoms in their own words.

What users say about mySymptomChecker™…

“Your symptom tool is very helpful and I’ll use it again.”

“It’s really helpful to use the advice on your website. I printed out the care advice to share with my husband.  It’s makes remembering all details/instructions a lot easier.”

“Your website checker was helpful and now I know I can wait until tomorrow to take my son to the doctor. Thank you.”

Learn how mySymptomChecker™ can help your patients determine the most appropriate action for many health problems. Contact one of our healthcare marketing consultants today at 855.898.2701 or email

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