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No time to create content to attract patients?

No time to create content to attract patients?

Content creation requires time and resources that you may not have. While you are busy helping your patients, we can create your blogs and social media posts that will attract and engage the types of patients that you want most in your practice. Our content is relevant and topical and written to appeal to potential new patients who want high-value health information and are searching online for new practitioners who can meet their personal healthcare needs.

Good Web Content Takes Time

Some health providers insist on writing their own content. The problem is that they write from their own perspective, not the patient’s perspective. Being intelligent and well-educated, they typically write at a college reading level whereas most patients can comfortably read at a 7th-grade level. They also tend to write what’s most important to them rather than the things that most patients care about. And they don’t know how to connect emotionally to patients.

The same can be said about blogs, those 1,000-words-plus online articles that patients often seek out and read about health topics – conditions, diseases and treatments – that interest them. Not everyone can write well using a casual, conversational style in order to create content that appeals to patient prospects on an emotional level. Blogs are also typically well-researched, interesting, thought-provoking and informative. And, in order to be most effective for your SEO results, you should produce no fewer than two blogs per week.

Social Media Content Takes Time, Too

Since social media posts are typically much shorter than blogs or websites, they generally require less time. Yet, without consistency – posting on social media platforms several times each week – your social media program won’t help your practice much in terms of attracting new patients. Creating a plan, building a strategy, managing a posting schedule and writing content for the posts takes time that most providers simply do not have. So, they turn to a healthcare marketing agency such as Practice Builders to do it for them.

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