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No website or website outdated?

No website or website outdated?

If you still don’t have a practice website, you might as well not exist at all. Having a good practice website is essential to your ability to attract and convert new patients. Without a website, you simply will not be found by anyone. The good news is that the Practice Builders website design team can create an attractive, customized, state-of-the-art responsive practice website containing relevant, user-friendly content that engages web visitors and gives them confidence in your practice.

An Outdated Website is Almost as Bad as No Website at All

If you have a website that’s outdated – five years old or older – we can upgrade you to a well-designed, HIPAA-compliant, ADA-compatible, search engine optimized site that will rank high on Google searches, and more easily convert website visitors into patients. Your website should be easy to navigate and include accurate information about the conditions you treat and the treatments you provide along with their benefits. If your practice uses a new or emerging technology, your website should describe the benefits for patients instead of the features.

Add Enhancements Like A Triage Tool

The easy-to-use mySymptomCheckerTM solution gives your patients a simple triage tool for deciding whether their symptoms require a follow up visit with your office. It can also give them valuable health tips and self-care advice for relieving their minor symptoms at home.

Time for a Website Upgrade?

If your site is five or ten years old and has not been updated, it’s not too late for a revise and upgrade. We’ll analyze your current site and make recommendations about what needs to change in terms of content, design, user-friendliness and navigation. We’ll use best practices throughout to create a refreshed website that can attract and convert visitors who represent your target audience. We’ll make sure that your web forms are HIPAA-compliant, and your entire site meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines.

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