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Web Traffic isn’t converting?

Web Traffic isn’t converting?

Converting prospects into patients is achievable when you employ the right tools and healthcare marketing tactics. You need a personalized multi-channel approach that takes your prospect’s interests, stage in the buying process and personal pain points into consideration. By using each of your online marketing channels (website, social media, blogs) to deliver relevant content to your visitors, we position you as a leader in your field, build trust in your care, and, ultimately, help potential new patients convert. And we work to optimize your lead forms to increase conversion, turning web page visitors into patients.

Converting Prospects to Patients with Your Website

Your website visitors are looking for reasons to choose your practice. If you don’t give them what they’re searching for, they’ll quickly move on to another practice’s website. Most visitors will be looking for readable, relevant content that addresses their wants and needs. They are less interested in your credentials and qualifications than they are in what you can do for them. If you present them with well-written, informative content that includes your services and the benefits a patient can expect to receive, you’ll have a much better chance of converting visitors to new patients.

Converting Prospects to Patients with Social Media

As your socially active target audience becomes increasingly selective in the healthcare content they choose to consume, it has become critical that you provide greater value to them through social media. The reigning champions of social media marketing today are those healthcare practices who listen to their target audience and deliver relevant content and information based on their target audience preferences. They build trust among prospective patients by engaging with them over health topics that interest them.

Converting Prospects to Patients with Blogs

Blogging can be thought of as long-form messaging. Blogging is the creation and distribution of timely, relevant, engaging content that is of interest to and influences the buying decisions of current and prospective patients. Your blog topics should address the kind of information that prospects are searching for.

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