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Dental Branding

You know what makes your office exceptional, but do your prospective and current patients? Your dental practice’s reputation for quality care is your most valuable asset. Are you willing to leave it entirely up to factors outside of your control? Instead of passively waiting for a good reputation to develop and spread over time, Practice Builders can work with you to actively mold and shape your image today with strategic dental branding.

Your practice’s brand is the essence of who you are as a practitioner and what your practice is all about – it’s what is unique about your work, practice, staff and office environment. More concretely, it’s the consistent use of colors, images, text and messaging – as well as the mission and philosophy behind it – that defines your brand identity and your practice. It’s what separates you from other practices in your market, which is exceedingly important for attracting new, non-referral patients.

Developing credibility through your dental brand

Would you rather patients in your community view you as a personal, private practice or a larger dental center? Is your dental practice family-oriented or more restorative-focused for adults? Have you decided that you’d like to develop a celebrity dentist image?

After you decide what you want your practice to represent, we work with you to attain your image and brand goals by focusing on your local community, current patient base, social media presence and dental benefit plans to attract regular patients. All of our marketing efforts have the goals of increasing your patient base, educating them on their dental health and staying top-of-mind. To do so, we focus on:

  • Delivering consistent branded communications
  • Starting with the patient’s value system
  • Identifying a value-added edge over the competition
  • Delivering a consistent patient experience

Let us help you

We research and analyze which brands positively resonate with your area’s patients to determine where your place in the market is and how you can stand out among the competition. We’ll work with you to encapsulate the essence of your dental practice into an easily recognizable image, slogan and reputation that capitalizes on what your office does best.

We also look at what your current brand is to see what we can to do improve or even overhaul it. We’ll bring your practice and its brand up to speed to provide consistent perceptions, predictable results and profitable patients.

Dental branding: just do it.

By developing an effective brand, you will drive revenue by improving awareness, attracting new customers and maintaining communication with your current patient base. A key aspect of our dental branding strategy is not just bringing all patients in, but bringing the right patients in – patients who are more loyal, accept treatment plans and will send more referrals to your practice.

Practice Builders has assisted more than 15,000 offices develop their dental branding campaigns. We can help you build your practice’s brand identity in the way that will most benefit you. To learn how we can help you use your brand to achieve success, as you define it, fill out the form on this page, or call us at (855).898.2710.

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