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Social media is the most cost-effective marketing medium available to dentists. Social media communication has become the go-to for many people looking to learn more about a brand or service before they make the decision to engage with that business: 41% of people say that social media would affect their choice of a specific healthcare provider.

With an active social media presence, dentists control the conversation with prospective and current patients by addressing questions and concerns while building a trustworthy brand in the process. Social media serves as a modern equivalent of word-of-mouth and attracts new patients.

Practice Builders’ social media marketing service sets up the social media accounts you don’t have, optimizes the ones you do and helps you establish a professional and branded online social presence through:

  • Facebook. We will design a customized page that focuses on the most important features of your website and remains consistent with your brand.
  • Twitter. We integrate Twitter with your other platforms and use it to quickly inform your followers of promotions, events and practice news.
  • YouTube. Promote video patient testimonials, specials and procedural benefits with a custom YouTube channel. Video marketing increases your audience and boosts your Google page ranking.
  • Google+. We develop a tailored Google+ presence that highlights your dental practice’s best features.

Effective social media for dentists builds patient relationships

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools available for reaching patients in an increasingly competitive market. With our social media marketing, you can:

  • Inform patients. With all of the misinformation and misguided opinions found online, social media presents your practice with tools to combat this and directly engage your patients to inform them about procedures.
  • Speak to your patients. Social media is the perfect medium for interaction and engagement with your patients. Respond to reviews, answer questions and present the human side of your practice.
  • Provide relevant and exclusive content. YouTube videos explaining procedures, infographics showing safety statistics, fun facts, patient testimonials, promotions, links to articles endorsing procedures you offer and even pictures of your office and staff serve to familiarize patients with your practice.
  • Advertise for free. Social media serves as a form of no-cost advertisement to direct users to your website and its calls-to-action, turning visitors into new appointments.

How social media marketing drives revenue

Practice Builders will work with you to develop your dental social media campaign so you can engage patients with ongoing posts, promote positive testimonials, enhance word-of-mouth referrals and promote your practice.

Our social media marketing package provides monthly reports and measurable metrics that demonstrate the efficacy of your campaigns. Our social media for dentists marketing approach focuses on key performance indicators: new patients, patient engagement, increased brand awareness and greater rankings on search engines. On average, of practices that launch strategic social media campaigns:

  • 70% saw an increase in traffic to their practice
  • 60% had an increase in search engine results
  • 50% were able to reduce their marketing budgets in other areas

Effective social media for dentists requires experience and time. Practice Builders will handle your social media calendar so you can focus on what’s most important: your patients’ dental health. We will work with you to boost your practice’s income with new patients, greater online presence and brand awareness. And the bottom line is, if you’re not engaging your followers, you’re losing them – it’s that simple.

Practice Builders is now offering an exclusive $1,495 social media package for dentists to develop your practice online and reach more patients.

To receive more information about our dental social media marketing, please complete the form on this page or call us at (855).898.2710.

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