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Among ophthalmologists, there is heated ongoing competition for a rapidly diminishing pool of LASIK procedures. LASIK surgery has many providers and a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

But this pool of candidates is diminishing for two reasons. First is the fear factor among patients who don’t want to be among the 5% of less satisfied patients or those who have had complications. Second is the current economic climate, with its high unemployment and reduced spending on elective care.

Last year, many providers reported a 50% decrease in LASIK surgeries compared to the previous year. Many patients have lost their jobs and their benefits. Many are simply waiting for economic recovery before spending money on elective procedures.

Even if you do manage to survive without depending on those procedures, you still face stiff competition for the cosmetic procedures you want as well as declining reimbursements for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye conditions.

And that’s just the beginning. At your Strategic Growth and Ophthalmology Marketing Workshop, you’ll learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and avoid price competition by using the power of your brand to add value to all your products and services.

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What other clients are saying
What other Ophthalmologists are saying

"The results have far exceeded my expectations: Cataract surgeries have steadily rebounded. Thanks to my new marketing efforts, some patients were delighted to find out that I treat diabetes-related problems – a service they never knew I offered."

Lawerence Bloom, MD, FACS
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