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Custom-Designed Ophthalmology Patient Education Brochures

Are you finding a need to quickly market more details about your ophthalmology practice than you can fit on your business card? With an electronic ophthalmology brochure for your patients, you have a modern, professional medium for communicating important information about your practice to potential patients or referring physicians.

e-Brochures incorporate fast-loading, secure, rich media combinations of imagery, text, links and graphics to present your practice in a professional manner. They’re the ideal marketing tool to attract patients and to give to referring physicians. Ophthalmology brochures for your patients serve as compact complements to your website, including details such as:

  • Description of your ophthalmology practice’s treatment and physician-patient relationship philosophies. Humanizing your practice and personalizing your brand will make patients more likely to trust you.
  • Contact and location info with pictures that provide relevant visual representation of your practice’s brand and image.
  • Brief biographies of your physicians with photos and descriptions of their honors, awards and education to clearly establish your practice as your area’s eyecare industry leader.
  • List of procedures and services that your ophthalmology practice provides with detailed descriptions to educate your patients.

An easy-to-use and cost-effective presentation as unique as your practice

Our team of designers can work with you to produce an electronic brochure outlining your healthcare providers and their qualifications, the services your ophthalmology practice offers and your office locations. Or, if you’ve already invested in design and production of your own, we can seamlessly convert your existing brochure into an electronic presentation.

A strategically prepared, professional e-brochure for your practice will help you attract new patients, build your brand and reputation and promote additional procedures. Don’t sell your practice’s image short by opting for a generic brochure template. Our experts combine your practice’s key information with the design style of your site, logo and other marketing materials to create a comprehensive marketing package that will drive revenue. Let your materials be as unique as your practice.

In addition to driving additional revenue, e-brochures will contribute to cost-cutting in the long run. By providing an easily accessible link to your e-brochure as opposed to hard copies, you’ll save on printing costs, shipping and distribution expenses by sending digital e-brochures. Not to mention the storage space you’ll save.

Tell your practice’s story and impress patients effortlessly

With Practice Builders’ time-tested process, there’s no need to acquire expensive design software to develop an ophthalmology brochure for your patients: You can easily make changes or add pages. This allows for continual updates as your practice grows – keeping information up-to-date without delay. Changes in images, links and content can be made quickly and cost-effectively without reorders.

e-Brochures can include multimedia, video, interactive forms and more, serving as a cohesive source for patients to learn about your ophthalmology practice without having to browse your entire website.

To receive more information about our e-brochures, complete the form on this page and we’ll get back to you right away. You can also contact us at (855).898.2710.

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What other Ophthalmologists are saying

"The results have far exceeded my expectations: Cataract surgeries have steadily rebounded. Thanks to my new marketing efforts, some patients were delighted to find out that I treat diabetes-related problems – a service they never knew I offered."

Lawerence Bloom, MD, FACS
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