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The days are long gone when you could run traditional medical advertising such as a print ad or Yellow Pages ad to find new patients. Most people these days socialize on the Internet, but they are not having mainstream social media conversations about their psychiatric problems. So how do you reach the right target audience?

As a psychiatrist today, you are best-served by having a patient-friendly healthcare website design with patient-friendly content and using search engine optimization (SEO) and web-based blogs to educate and assist potential new patients. Most people looking for a clinical (or forensic) psychiatrist will likely seek them out on Google, Yahoo! or other search engines.

People who are suffering from depression, emotional or physical trauma, chemical imbalances, social disorders or psychoses will look to your online medical marketing and search engine rankings to see if you are the right match for their needs. Our healthcare marketing consultants will provide you with a written, customized marketing plan to help you reach your healthcare marketing success goals.

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What other clients are saying
What other clients are saying

I had never marketed my practice at all and was completely clueless as to where to start. The idea of marketing was intimidating. After working with Practice Builders, I now have 11 employees. My practice has grown 1100 % - literally. I’ve gone from a solo practitioner of Psychology to owning a medical and mental health practice in less than 2 years! I now own the practice of my dreams thanks in large part to PB. Creating my personal and professional brand has been central to the success of the practice. From the initial workshop through the maintenance of our website and social media, PB has been with us every step of the way toward achieving our goals. We consistently receive feedback from clients, patients and other businesses as to how impressive our marketing materials are and how effective our marketing strategies are. Practice Builders is one of the best business decisions I’ve made in my career"

Aimee Harris-Newon, Psy. D.
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