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Social Media Resources for Healthcare and Medical Professionals

Why Social Media ?

Learn why social media is important for healthcare professionals like you. This guide explains how Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube and LinkedIn have become essential factors to attracting continuous referrals, enhancing your practice online and interacting with your patients.

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Social Media for Healthcare Professionals

Learn how social media can effectively connect with your target audience and qualify prospects, lower your costs and provide long-term benefits.

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Best Practices Guide: Blogs for Healthcare Professionals

Use these tips to help maintain an effective blog for your practice.

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Best Practices Guide: Facebook for Healthcare Professionals

Having a Facebook page can help grow your practice by giving people a place to come where they can learn more and connect with you, often before they've even set foot in your practice.

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Best Practices Guide: Twitter for Healthcare Professionals

Twitter, like many social media outlets today, can be an effective tool used to connect with potential patients and colleagues, promote your practice as well as create interactive relationships with your followers.

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Build Your Practice in 2013-2014

Other practices much like yours are taking steps to grow and protect what they've built. In our white paper The Top 10 Secrets to Building Your Practice, we've boiled down the ten essential elements; the ten things you need to know to succeed.

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How Does Branding Benefit Your Practice?

Branding benefits your practice most when you understand what's truly different about your practice, not just from your own perspective - but from your patients' perspectives. Learn about "branding" your healthcare practice in our white paper The Importance of Branding and Differentiation for Healthcare Practices.

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The Typical Practice Suffers 8 Different Ways

Help grow your patient base by eliminating major issues that most practices suffer from with our white paper The Typical Practice Suffers 8 Different Ways: How the Latest Technology Can Help.

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Gain New Referrals for Your Practice

Our white paper What Every Healthcare Practice Should Know About Gaining and Retaining Referrals is a valuable resource designed to help you answer one of the most critical issues in healthcare practice today… How to get more referrals.

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Strengthen Your Internet Presence

Learn about developing and maintaining a strong Internet presence in our white paper Why Your Internet Presence is Critical to the Future of Your Practice.

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Diagnose and Treat Your Patients' Online Reviews

Poor online reputation and reviews are treatable and curable, but you need to diagnose them first. To learn how, read our white paper, How to Diagnose and Treat Your Online Reviews.

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Best Practices Guide: LinkedIn for Healthcare Professionals

LinkedIn is a great platform for marketing your practice by connecting with a network of thought leaders, influencers and like-minded people who are interested in your specialty.

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