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The Three Most Important Words in Marketing

The Three Most Important Words in Marketing

Test. Track. Adjust.
They are the three most important words because they summarize neatly and succinctly what marketing is really about. Let’s take a closer look at what they mean in marketing terms.
Test – Instead of putting all your marketing eggs in one basket, you need to try different strategies. By testing these strategies against one another, you’ll soon learn which are most effective for you. If you run print ads, for example, test different headlines, images and offers against each other.

Track – This is perhaps the single most important word in marketing. This is what you do to find out what’s really working for you. The ONLY way to track effectively is to ask every single caller or new prospect how they heard about your practice. Don’t stop there. Ask them what specifically prompted them to call. Was it a headline, an offer or a particular service? Keep probing until you find out. It’s not enough to have a vague idea about what’s working or not. You should know with certainty.

Adjust – Based on your tracking results, you can either make minor adjustments to strategies that give you unsatisfactory results, or eliminate them from your marketing mix entirely. Some strategies will work and some will not. The goal is to keep the ones that work best and dump the ones that don’t work even after you’ve made some adjustments to them.

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