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  • Clifford Black, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • H. Jay Wisnicki, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Michael N. Fahmy, PT, OMPT ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Aimee Harris–Newon, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Donald A. Girard, MD, FACOG ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Abigail Gleason, MD and Uzoma Owunna, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Kim Glick, DDS ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Grace Kerr, DMD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Bret C. Lewis, MD and E.J. Aspuru, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • J. Alberto Martinez, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Patrick D. Lester, MD, FACR ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Fadi E. Saba, MD and Cosette Saba, RN ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • John C. White, DDS, MSD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Edward S. Goldberg, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • James M. Austin, DDS, PS ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Joseph DiFazio, DMD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Michael Margolis, DDS, Phd ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • John Michalski, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Stephen Ozanne, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Lee Stenzler, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Drs. Ramin Tabibzadeh, DDS and Elisa Mello, DDS ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Stanya Smith, MD and Darryl Prince, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Joel Feinstein, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Nilesh Mehta, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Spiker Davis D.D.S ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Leopoldo Valdivia, DO ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Stephanie Steckel, DDS ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Travis Cox, PT ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Anton Fakhouri, MC ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • James Tayoun, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Jeffrey B. Marvel, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Erik Zeegen, MD <br/> Erik N. Zeehen, M.D. ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • T. Merrell Williams, DMD, MS ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • Reddy Allam, MD ~ <span><img src=''/></span>
  • "PB helped me to brand my practice in the two areas of surgery that I enjoy the most - anti-reflux and bariatric surgery. Using my website and the marketing techniques provided, I have expanded my market over a larger area."

  • "We had a very successful practice, with a goal to continue to grow. After working with Practice Builders, we implemented the strategic marketing plan and almost doubled our practice! The Practice Builders relationship has provided us a strategic approach to market our practice to referring doctors and has been a tremendous success for us!"

  • "When I first met with my Practice Builders consultant, I was hesitant about the dollars required to launch my full plan. 3 years later, I can say that it indeed was worth the investment. In fact, we continue to have such confidence that we've maintained our relationship with the team into our 4th year now. If you need a one-stop shop for your marketing campaign with high-quality and excellent creative ideas, you definitely need to use Practice Builders."

  • "After working with Practice Builders, I now have 11 employees. My practice has grown 1100 % - literally. I've gone from a solo practitioner of Psychology to owning a medical and mental health practice in less than 2 years! I now own the practice of my dreams thanks in large part to PB"

  • "With a goal to increase our business and train our staff to deliver excellent customer service, we're so pleased we chose Practice Builders. Just a few months after meeting them, we now have a well trained staff, professional literature and a website we are proud of, but also importantly, we have a plan in place that is moving our practice to the next level!"

  • "With the goal in mind of glowing our practice through social media, we were introduced to PracticeBhuildes. They gave us a clear understanding of the importance of marketing and proceeded to help us modernize our website, rebrand our practice using cohesive promotional materials and utilize social media to fullest potential. Our biggest success is the positive reviews of our doctors on all the medical review websites."

  • "Having been through other dental consulting programs, what I appreciated most about Practice Builders is they took the time to learn about our practice's strengths, and essentially our "personality". By utilizing our attributes, we were able to market our practice in a genuine way. By being comfortable in our approach, we were all the more effective. We learned how to work smarter, not harder and how to tap into an unused resource to promote our practice – our happy, satisfied patients. We are also now better utilizing the internet and social media to build our practice in a professional and positive manner."

  • "Practice Builders created a professional consistent image for my practice that reflected its unique character and helped increase practice growth 16.1% the first year I used their material and advice. And since that time, we've now doubled our revenues!"

  • "Practice Builders does just what the name implies the size of our practice has increased dramatically. Our new physicain has a full schedule, our customer service has improved and we have fewer patient complaints."

  • "Practice Builders designed an amazing website for us, along with social media and SEO strategies that work! We now see a lot more patients from our website. We are very happy with the results and are looking forward to working on more marketing projects together moving forward."

  • "Before Practice Builders, we used only undisciplined marketing plans without clear focus on who we were or what distinguished us from the competition. Thanks to Practice Builders, we were rebranded with an improved logo, polished marketing materials which delineated our practice with services/philosophies, and a better method of tracking results from each marketer.
    "We found Practice Builders provided an effective way to initiate a successful marketing plan with very professional marketing packets which separated us from the competition and improved our already good reputation in our markets. Their contact person was knowledgeable, courteous, and a great liaison between our company and Practice Builders' personnel in developing all that we needed by us."

  • "When we met Practice Builders, our marketing efforts were not leading to success. But now, we have more word-of-mouth referrals and more exposure through our 'friends on the Internet'. We have added more to our patient base through social media efforts, all thanks to our relationship with Practice Builders."

  • "When I met with my Practice Builders consultant, my goal was to take my high performing practice to the next level. I am pleased with the improved clarity in the messaging now being projected, better promotional materials, and an appreciation for the mix and effect of external marketing. Getting an average practice to a higher level is relatively easy, improving an already top office to a higher level is more difficult. Practice Builders did that for me."

  • " I had launched a new practice model, requiring branding and unique marketing materials that would differentiate us in the market. We were introduced to Practice Builders to assist and just a few months later, I am extremely pleased with the end result of the branding, stationary, business cards, brochures and inserts, as well as the website they created. Everyone at Practice Builders was professional, insightful, creative and able to incorporate my specific needs and direction for the project."

  • "Before Practice Builders, I had an ineffective Internet presence and was experiencing a huge decrease in new patients.... With Practice Builders' assistance, I am thrilled to report that my new patient numbers have increased by 50%, with gross production up 20% this year alone. Thanks to their trainer's guidance, my team is fully committed to the practice's success. I am enjoying dentistry again..."

  • "Practice Builders has shown me that believing and investing in myself and using proper marketing practices has resulted in a better ROI than any other investment I could thave made. I believe it's the best investment you can make for your future and the health of your practice."

  • "I hired Practice Builders to enhance my online presence and they have done a terrific job with revamping my old website and getting just the right look for our practice. Their social media package has been really cutting edge, with facebook, twitter, linked-in and others all working to get us new patients. I always recommend Practice Builders to anyone who asks."

  • "We contacted Practice Builders as our competition had increased while revenue was steadily decreasing. Since becoming a Practice Builders client, we now have higher referrals, higher revenue, and improved morale and productivity. After completing our new branding, our Practice Builders trainer helped turn our practice around, showing our personnel that "change" is actually a good thing!"

  • "I am very pleased with Practice Builders. I am finding that the messaging on my website and social media are bringing me patients who are confident in our abilities and more comfortable with our recommendations. We are also seeing growth from the internal marketing strategies, branding and training in the form of patient referrals."

  • "We highly recommend Practice Builders. When we met them, our referrals were declining and our staff was not functioning as a team. We knew we needed to expand our referral base and had heard that Practice Builders was a great resource for this. Our workshop experience was terrific and our agency experience was excellent. The end result? Beautiful and professionally branded markteting materials, a cohesive staff who now improves our patient experience daily, a 30% increase in referrals and finally, staff and physicians who are happier and more satisfied with their working environment."

  • "We were impressed by the attention given to our practice during the workshop. Our marketing consultant developed a strategic plan that revealed our practice's weaknesses and opportunities, showing us solid paths toward improvements. If you're thinking of working with Practice Builders,I highly encourage you to do so. You'll realize that marketing your practice need not be overwhelming – with a solid plan and the support of the team at Practice Builders."

  • "Remaining an independent physician practice in the changing landscape of modern healthcare is becoming more difficult every day. Practice Builders has helped us use all tools available to reposition, reinvent, and revitalize our referral base and our practice."

  • "Practice Builders did an excellent job of analyzing my practice plus created a wonderful new website and online presence. I always get great compliments about the site! I am also pleased to be developing a network of referrals that I have control over, while seeing an increase in patient revenue."

  • "Practice Builders helped take our practice to the next level! With their expert guidance, we've now grown so much that we've had to add two new physicians. Our image is improved, our staff is well trained, and we finally have an organized marketing program!"

  • "When we met Practice Builders, our internal marketing was "0"! We were losing patients and referrals because we didn't know how to attract and retain them. After working with the PB team, the enthusiasm and the fun is back in my practice. The staff is so motivated! I would highly recommend Practice Builders to help build your practice. They are very knowledgeable and professional and can help anyone to improve."

  • "When we met the Practice Builders team, we were not seeing the cases and payers we wanted and were at a crossroads on how to let people know our practice was here. Our intention was to grow through social media and face to face marketing. Now along with the Practice Builders team and the tools and training they provided us, we've been able to focus our marketing so well that we've now gained new patients who in turn are referring their friends and family to us. We aimed to increase our PPO patients and achieved this goal, as well! Thank you, Practice Builders, for getting us to our full potential!"

  • "Practice Builders was able to build and move our existing website within just two months! It is now better than before with easier self-edit sections and we are very proud of the professionalism it showcases. Our reviews are building on many sites reflecting the quality of care we aim to provide. Importantly, this all adds up to a professional and effective online presence - and the early signs that the site is working to bring us the patients and cases we prefer!"

  • "I've worked with Practice Builders for more than 15 years now, coming to them with great worry about the success of my clinic and trusting them to help grow my business. With their strategic growth plan, marketing materials and digital marketing/social media support, I was able to grow, increasing referrals, revenue and staff, but found myself with limited free time as a result. With continued efforts on their end and mine, I now have two full-time therapists on my team. I am now able to enjoy my practice more, as well as to have the freedom to be away from the clinics when I want to have a day off or go on an extended vacation. Practice Builders helped give me the freedom to enjoy my personal life without giving up my level of compensation."

  • "Practice Builders has been vital in allowing us to generate new patients. After just one and one half years of working with them, our social media and SEO campaigns have generated us more than a 200% increase in new patient appointments!"

  • "When we met Practice Builders, our revenues and referrals had been in decline for many years. After working with Practice Builders, we can now say that our staff and doctors are optimistic about our practice once again! We really appreciate the myPracticeReputation service. In two months, we went from no web review scores to several positive reviews, protecting us from a lousy web presence should someone post a poor review. However, our favorite service so far was the onsite marketing training for our practice liaison and staff. Our Practice Builders trainer provided us an extraordinary learning experience!"

  • "When we met Practice Builders, patients were traveling to a large city nearby rather than seeking out our care. With Practice Builders help, we have beautiful and professional branding that reflects our practice philosophy. We have now been able to reconnect with our referral sources and have seen an uptick in referrals from practices that had forgotten about us. With our branding and the PB team's help, we have been able to attract the cases we prefer, ones that in the past had sought care in the city."

  • "My new patient count had plateaued, so we hired Practice Builders. Since working with Practice Builders and after utilizing myPracticeReputation, I have been able to dramatically increase the number of patient reviews online which has helped tremendously in increasing the number of new patient visits."

  • "When I met Practice Builders, I realized my practice was not being noticed online and worse, not drawing enough new patients online. Now, I am happy to report that my Practice Builders team has helped me increase positive online reviews through myPracticeReputation, as well as to increase my new patients through a great new online presence."

  • "Practice Builders has helped our practice with an increase in new patients. We've improved our reputation on the online review sites using myPracticeReputation and felt very supported by the onsite training that has already helped improve our operations and staff performance!"

Clifford Black, MD -
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Our Solutions

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Custom and Mobile Websites

Our custom websites help our clients strengthen their credibility and trust with patients online.

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Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management tool to help you monitor, capture and publish and monitor your online reviews 24/7.

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Social Media Solutions

With the power of social media, practices can cost-effectively attract patients and referrals.

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Search Engine Optimization

With our SEO strategies, your potential patients and referrers can easily find you on the web.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our end-to-end services are customized for simplifying all aspects of the revenue cycle process. With the primary goal...

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eVideos open up yet another channel for practices to reach patients through virtual tours and video testimonials.

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Practice Sucess Marketing Plan

Our step-by-step, 12-month marketing plans are fully customized to meet the current goals of your practice and...

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Whether it’s local airtime or article recognition in a health publication, our healthcare PR solutions can help your practice receive more press and positive awareness.

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Staff Training

When we train your staff onsite, we also help to identify the problems with your office systems and processes.

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Our team of designers and writers can create custom and beautiful healthcare branding to help your practice stand out from the competition.

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Our Approach

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iconWho is Practice Builders

We have been consulting with medical, dental and healthcare practitioners for over 30 years, providing proven healthcare marketing success strategies to help practices achieve...

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iconHow can we Help

Our senior team of healthcare marketing agency consultants has extensive experience working with multiple professions (physicians, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists...

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iconOur Unique Approach

For more than 30 years, Practice Builders has been guiding physicians, dentists and other healthcare practitioners with the most effective healthcare, medical and dental...

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iconAchieve Practice Sucess

Healthcare, dental and medical marketing strategies from one of the most successful healthcare marketing agencies can help you maximize your profitability...

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Practice Builders’
Healthcare Strategic Marketing Workshop

Attend a Practice Builders’ Healthcare Strategic Marketing Workshop and receive two private consultations with your Workshop leader, ongoing consulting help and an unmatched step-by-step, customized 12- month practice marketing plan to achieve your healthcare marketing success goals.

Upcoming Strategic Marketing Workshops

With a Practice Builders Marketing Plan ,
you will be able to:

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Our Work

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Responsive custom websites help our clients strengthen their credibility and trust with patients online. Unlike typical websites that cannot be viewed comfortably or easily on today’s most popular mobile devices, our websites automatically, dynamically adjust to smartphones and tablets without forcing your patients to pinch, expand or scroll for the information they want.

website img

Social Media

Social Media

With the power of social media, practices can cost-effectively attract patients and referrals.

The social media networking phenomena has made it imperative for healthcare practitioners to embrace social networks. The Practice Builders social media solution offers healthcare marketers access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Yelp to attract the patients and professional connections that will help you and your practice thrive in today’s economy.

socialmedia img



With our state-of-the-art eBrochures, practices expand their reach effectively online.

Practice Builders helped pioneer the use of interactive digital media in healthcare marketing. Incorporating fast loading, secure, media-rich combinations of still imagery, graphics, text, video and sound – the eBrochure is a user-friendly electronic brochure that was developed to help healthcare practices come alive on the web.

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eVideos open up yet another channel for practices to reach patients. through virtual tours and video testimonials.

Deliver your healthcare marketing message to your target audience in a way that online users – the YouTube generation that views over one billion videos every single day – can easily relate to. Practice Builders scripts, storyboards and produces completed videos designed to facilitate more online dialogue between you and your patients, prospects and referral sources.

evideo img

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Practice Builders has created and built brands in nearly every specialty for private practices.

How do you set yourself apart from everyone else in your area who does what you do? You do it with branding. Your brand is the essence of who you are and what makes you different. Practice Builders has created and built brands for 15,000 healthcare practices covering virtually every specialty.

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Free Practice Assessments

Self Assessments

Self Assessments

Find out whether you’re missing out on opportunities to grow, protect or diversify your practice by completing the following Practice Self-Assessment...

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Ask Our Expert

Ask Our Expert

Got a marketing question for Practice Builders’ experts? Ask us. Every month, we’ll choose one to answer in our popular monthly e-newsletter, “What’s Working.”...

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1-Minute Website Evaluation

1-Minute Website Evaluation

Find out whether you’re missing out on opportunities to grow and protect your practice by completing the following Website Evaluation...

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Target Audience Assessments

Target Audience Assessments

How well do you know the people in your demographic area? How closely does your practice come to meeting their healthcare needs?...

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Competition Assessments

Competition Assessments

How well do you know your competition? How is your practice different or better than others in your specialty and/or market area?...

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Online Reputation Assessments

Online Reputation Assessments

When you request a consultation, you’ll walk away with a custom Online Reputation Assessment. This comes complete...

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  • The Fundamentals of Medical Marketing: Why So Many Practitioners Struggle to Create Profitable Practices

    When you are running a medical practice, you are no longer just a physician – you are also a businessperson. And any business needs a way to promote itself, find new customers and make your brand known in the marketplace. In short, promoting and marketing your medical practice is a fundamental part of your overall medical marketing plan. People who know about your medical practice are far more ...

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  • Create A Powerful Brand for Your Medical Practice

    Most of the choices we make as customers are based on effective branding. In most cases, we tend to go with brands we can relate to or associate with quality. Developing your brand is a critical component of your marketing strategy. A brand defines the core values of a business and promises a unique experience for the customers who connect to that brand. When you hear the word "brandi...

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  • 11 Online Reputation Management Mistakes Doctors Cannot Afford to Make

    When marketing your medical practice, reputation is everything. A strong online presence is essential for any healthcare practitioner trying to advertise his or her services to the public. Patients, too, are tech-savvy customers who want to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting a doctor. A significant percentage of potential patients look online to research for physicians and medic...

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  • Keeping Your Online Medical Marketing HIPAA-Compliant

    Medical marketing is at least three years behind any other industry for two reasons: First, HIPAA laws determine how patient information is gathered, stored and used. Second, the FDA imposes regulations on how medical practices can market their products and services. Each day, millions of Americans search for health information online. Because online search is a major part of h...

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Our Story

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We help Dentists, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals Achieve Practice Marketing Success.

Looking to attract your preferred patients and ideal cases? Build more productive relationships with your referral network? Protect and enhance your online reputation or thrive amidst health care reform, a challenging local economy or competition from hospitals? Practice Builders is a healthcare marketing and consulting firm offering services to medical, dental and healthcare practices as well as to hospitals and clinics. From practice marketing plans to healthcare Internet marketing, we have a solution that’s right for you.

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Leading the way for your continued healthcare success.

Healthcare practitioners of all specialties use our information services and products to help them with their healthcare success. Quality products, talented people, robust markets – these are the elements of a successful company. Just as Practice Builders specializes in growing, empowering and guiding healthcare practitioners, our talented healthcare marketing management team are here to grow, empower and guide Practice Builders in a dynamic environment that adapts to the needs of our clients.

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Hear from our clients about their experiences

Since 1979, thousands of people just like you have had Practice Builders help their practices reach their goals. Here, you can read Practice Builders reviews and testimonials for each profession.

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As a Partner, we’ll work together toward mutual success.

Manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers of products and services to healthcare practitioners can benefit from a Practice Builders’ strategic alliance.

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Have questions or concerns?

We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions from healthcare professionals in nearly specialty. Our collection includes an array of questions from concerns regarding concerns about medical marketing to the needs of a start-up practice. Click on any question below to find more information.

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