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6 Ways to Grow a Healthcare Brand

What do you want your patients to think of when they think of you and your practice? What do you want your practice to be known for? Your answers to these questions will guide your practice’s brand, which refers to the consistent way you present your practice to patients. Getting that message in front of more people will create brand awareness so patients know what to expect from you and turn to you first when they need services from your industry.

This is a process of building a reputation, but not everything has to be time-intensive. Try these six ways to build your healthcare practice’s brand.

  • Build a consistent look. Maintain consistency in the look and voice of all the avenues in which you present your practice – brochures, emails, website, social media – and keep a consistent voice with your logo, colors and font family. This will help create consistency that patients will remember. Once you have that – a consistent voice and look – you can use it everywhere, so a little goes a long way here.
  • Freebies. Put your logo on a low-cost item that you then give away for free in your practice and at community events. People love free things, so they will be reminded of you – and others around them will see your name each time they use their freebie. Giveaway contests on social media targets this same interest for something free with the bonus that people can share the link and get your logo and practice’s name in front of more eyes.
  • Guest posts. We’ve talked about inviting others to be a guest on your blog, but it’s also highly beneficial to you if you are a featured guest on another blog, because it gets your name in front of a new audience. Ask colleagues from other practices or people who have businesses in different, yet related industries if they would consider letting you write a guest post.
  • Partnerships. Form partnerships with local businesses or organizations to help get your name out. If you are a physical therapist, for instance, is there a local sports league you can partner with?
  • Infographics. Present relevant information in a fun and memorable way with your logo and your practice’s name on it. Once you share it online, people who find it helpful and interesting will likely share it with family and friends.
  • Tell your story. We’re not talking about your whole life story, but the story of your practice. People connect more to stories than to cold facts or slick design, but for your story to make an impression, tell it in such a way that others can see themselves as part of the story. For instance, instead of listing all your professional accomplishments and setting yourself up as the hero, talk instead about your desire to help people and how the community makes your practice possible.

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