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6 Ways to Promote Your Practice Around the Holidays

Many healthcare practices see a lull in business around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and wait for things to pick back up. The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to send well-wishes to your patients, show a personal side to your healthcare practice and boost your bottom line. Here are six holiday marketing tips for your healthcare practice that will engage recurring patients and attract new ones:

1. Hold a charity drive. Collect canned food, toys or donations in exchange for a discount on a product or service. Or, give a portion of your proceeds from a specific service to a local charity. This idea truly benefits everyone involved: Your patients will help those in need, and you’ll increase awareness about your healthcare practice.

2. Send out a colorful holiday email. Email marketing is proven to be one of the best ways to market products and services, and the holiday season is a great time to remind patients of all your practice has to offer. Don’t forget a festive email template to grab reader’s attention! You can also include holiday stories from your staff for an added personal touch.

3. Create a holiday-themed social media contest. On your social media sites, ask patients to post holiday pictures with a theme. For example, you could ask them to post festive pictures with their pets or pictures that show them celebrating the holiday in a healthy way. Then have your staff vote on their favorite, and offer a small gift or service to the winner. This will help you engage with your current patients while also encouraging potential patients to participate.

4. Revamp your website with holiday-themed logos and pictures. A festive logo will spread holiday cheer and help you connect with your patients. To update your logo, you may need the help of a graphic designer, who has a creative eye; the holiday logo should be festive, yet also maintain the look of the original so it’s easy to recognize. Take it a step further and add holiday themes and photos to your social media pages, as well.

5. Send out holiday cards. This is a tangible way to keep your practice top-of-mind for your patients and show them you care. Make it even more personal with a hand-written message and signature. Just make sure to avoid cards that are religious or mention a specific holiday – you want to make sure all your patients feel included in your well-wishes.

6. Write a holiday-themed blog post (or a series of them!). If your healthcare practice has a blog, this is the perfect time to write a series of posts that pertain to the season. Topics may include ways to stay healthy around the holidays, how to deal with holiday stress, healthy holiday recipes and more. These posts will be a helpful resource to your patients and can help drive traffic to your website.

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