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How Staff Training Can Increase Your Revenue

How Staff Training Can Increase Your Revenue

The Value of 200 Lost Phone Inquiry Calls
Even the American Medical Association (AMA) has weighed in on this issue. A recent AMA study shows that the average practice loses over 200 inquiry calls each year. In terms of real numbers, let’s say the average value of an initial evaluation and subsequent visits is $1,000 per year. Then 200 lost inquiry calls could be costing you upwards of $200,000 annually. That’s potential revenue your practice is losing because your front desk or receptionist is not closing the caller or following up to set an appointment.

For larger, more diversified and multi-specialty practices, there may be 300, 400, 500 or more lost phone inquiry calls each year. Practices such as orthodontics, implant periodontics, dermatology and plastic surgery, with much larger average case sizes ($5,000 and up), stand to lose millions in potential revenue.

Sadly, these are unnecessary losses. With a small investment in just two or three days of proper staff training, your front desk and phone reception staff can learn to engage, capture and close every inquiry caller and turn most of those callers into patients or referral sources.

Your Survival May Depend on Doing it Right
To survive in today’s highly competitive healthcare marketplace, you need people on your staff who understand the importance of patient service and satisfaction. Your staff must understand how they personally contribute to quality patient care, the success of your practice and your bottom line.

Staff training is completely customized to fit your unique practice needs. The best trainers are also experts in practice management. They understand the roles your staff must play to ensure your marketing success. They help you optimize and streamline staff communication skills. Whether you have a small, large and multi-specialty or multi-location practice, your staff should learn to:

• Attract the patients you want
• Improve their telephone & customer service skills
• Convert patient calls into appointments
• Increase patient satisfaction & retention
• Stimulate patient-to-patient referrals
• Optimize your marketing program and tactics
Practice Builders has been providing staff training programs for every practice type and budget for over two decades. In addition to their extensive experience as business trainers, most of our training staff have also worked inside healthcare practices. So you can rest assured that knowledgeable, experienced professionals are training your staff.

Learn how Practice Builders’ Medical Marketing staff training programs can enhance your practice with improved customer service and added revenues. Call us at 800.679.1262 or email: info@PracticeBuilders.com.