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How to Achieve Comprehensive SEO on Your Website

How to Achieve Comprehensive SEO on Your Website

Putting Your Practice on Top of The ‘Hit’ List
Your website is really only as good as its placement on the search engine results page (SERP) when a prospective patient or client posts a query or launches a search. To this end, many healthcare practices have started investing time and resources into search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine users are an impatient lot. In fact, according to the results of a recent search engine user attitudes survey, nearly 70 percent of users would not go beyond the first two pages of search results or rankings in order to find what they are looking for. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right SEO expert – someone who can boost your chances of landing on top of the SERP list. Doing so could make a huge difference for your practice.

True SEO Requires The Use of Many Tools
There are numerous tools that can be utilized for true SEO. Customizing the whole armamentarium of SEO tools to cater to the special needs of a particular practice is critical to a successful web presence.

There are many Internet-based SEO tools that anyone can download and use. But these typically cover only basic SEO. For achieving the highest possible SERP placement, nothing beats hiring a real SEO expert service provider to implement your specific SEO campaign or strategy. They understand that search engine algorithms check the content on the page, measure the depth of the content on the domain, collect the meta-tag data, check the age of the site, see how many in-bound links there are and if these links come from relevant sites, check the frequency of site updates, and many other factors. True SEO is a complex process. It takes planning, time, effort and the right people to do it.

The best SEO practitioners employ a comprehensive SEO approach. Such an approach is capable of moving your website toward the top of the search results. And a thorough diagnosis of how your website operates is usually the first step. This is necessary to remove any barriers that could be preventing search engines such as Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing™ or MSN® from finding your website. From there, a complete SEO strategy will include performance tracking and reporting.

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