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Reduce burnout and increase connection with your patients using these 3 techniques

With all the demands of your rigorous schedule, seeing one patient after another, the constant clamor for your attention can get to be too much. To take care of yourself, and therefore enable you to take better care of your patients, learn to stay attentive to the present moment. Studies have shown meditation can rebuild grey matter in the brain, which makes the brain more powerful and efficient.

Here are three techniques that can help you reduce stress and attend to your patients with more focus.

1. SOLAR. (Stop, Observe, Let it be And Return) Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Settle into the space and notice your breathing and your heartbeat. Attend to what you are feeling, without trying to change it. It’s normal to be distracted, but keep returning to the present moment by focusing on your breathing.

2. Imagine a Safe Place. This may sound hokey if you’re not used to it, but over time it helps reduce stress and anxiety. The more you practice, the more immediately you can access that inner reserve of peace and calm in times of stress. Sit comfortably and pay attention to any points of tension in your body. Attend to that for a bit. Then imagine a place where you feel safe. Imagine yourself there, paying attention to how it looks, sounds and feels. Stay present here.

3. Stay Present. This takes practice, but objectively observing your thoughts and your body helps you stay anchored in the present. Whether you’re by yourself or seeing a patient, focus on your breathing. While you may have a lot on your mind about what you need to be doing next, return to the moment at hand. With this approach, you will reduce your stress by taking one moment at a time instead of spinning your wheels trying to do too much at once.

Shifting your mindset and practicing mindfulness is half of the battle for attracting and retaining a steady flow of patients. You also have to make sure that you have a successful healthcare marketing plan. We can help you make sure all of your marketing bases are covered in a free consultation. Email us at info@practicebuilders.com for more information.