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Familiarity Breeds Credibility

Familiarity Breeds Credibility

Familiarity Breeds Credibility

People will buy much more, and more often, from you if they have heard your name before. In marketing, familiarity definitely breeds credibility, providing what the public has heard is positive. If potential patients/clients aren’t already familiar with you, put out the effort to connect yourself with things they are familiar with.

That means getting yourself out into your community and participating in events. Offer free health screenings or do free talks at local clubs, churches, schools, etc. If your town has a popular health spa, arrange to do cooperative marketing with the spa, make mutual referrals and hand out one another’s discount coupons or brochures.

And use credibility phrases in your marketing materials. They may sound a bit grandiose, but remember…if you don’t tell potential patients/clients how good your credentials and services are, they won’t know. So tell them, subtly, and every chance you get. It isn’t bragging—it’s marketing. And believe me, your competitors won’t be holding back.

The trick is to brag with class. Be subtle. Use professional marketing materials. Create an image of excellence and desirability.

Here are a few credibility-building phrases to add to your marketing campaign:
•    20 years’ experience
•    Board-certified
•    Specializing in…
•    The doctor performs all procedures
•    I deliver 95% of my patients’ babies
•    9 out of 10 doctors recommend…
•    Preferred by surgeons everywhere
•    The dentist other dentists prefer
•    Pioneer of the (XYZ) procedure

It’s important to brag a little when you’re trying to sell a service. Most potential patients/clients prefer to deal with people they know—they want to know something about you before they buy. They will be disappointed if you don’t project an image of confidence, competence, compassion and pride.