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How to Market to American Healthcare Consumers

How to Market to American Healthcare Consumers

The average American consumer reads at a 5th-6th grade level. Yet most doctors and medical staff write to them at a 10th-12th grade level… and that’s just half of the communication problem.

The other half is that most healthcare professionals and marketers communicate to consumers using cold facts, logic and intellect. Unfortunately, the American consumer chooses products and services based on emotions and feelings. They may justify their decisions later with facts and logic, but virtually every buying decision, including the decision to choose a certain healthcare practice, is based on emotion.

This is not opinion. It is fact based on numerous market research studies.

American healthcare consumers are no different than consumers in general. Their primary concern is selfish. They only care about what’s in it for them. If you don’t tell them about the benefits they can receive from your care in language they understand, they will tune you out. Despite this fact, there is a prevailing sense among many physicians that healthcare consumers are somehow better educated, smarter and more sophisticated than consumers in general. They are not.

What makes healthcare consumers respond to a healthcare marketing message is the emotional connection they feel with the message. If they don’t feel that you really care about them, or that your message is written over their heads, they won’t respond.

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