Are You Being Rated Online?

Posted on by Practice Builders

Before 2005, it’s unlikely you would have been asked such a question. Back then, only a handful of patients were reviewing and rating physicians and dentists. By 2010, the number of patient ratings online had reached well over 386,000. Since then, the practice of rating physicians and dentists online has gone viral.

Today, online healthcare rating is commonplace. We estimate that the total number of patient ratings is now in the millions.

Are You Being Rated Online?

There are statistically significant correlations between the value of ratings and the physician’s or dentist’s experience, board certification, education, and any malpractice claims. There appears to be a positive correlation between online ratings and practitioner quality. And there’s a definite correlation between ratings and numbers of new patients being seen by the rated practitioner.

If you have not yet received any ratings or reviews, now is the perfect time to get started with an online review management program that mitigates negative reviews and promotes positive reviews. Practice Builders’ preferred program is called myPracticeReputation. To learn more about it, call 800.679.1200 or Click here.