Ask a Real Marketing Expert about Real Marketing Issues

Ask a Real Marketing Expert about Real Marketing Issues

When people have health problems, they typically seek the advice of health experts (physicians, physical therapists, dentists, etc.). They generally trust that the advice you give is based on your education, training and experience – your expertise – and that you are giving them good advice.

Doctors often need good advice, too. Especially when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, doctors don’t always know where to get good marketing advice. And it is sometimes difficult to identify individuals or companies with real marketing expertise. This is understandable given that so many purveyors of “marketing” services claim to have the expertise you need.

Ask a Real Marketing Expert about Real Marketing Issues

With your practice growth and success at stake, your prospective marketing partner should have a track record of proven successes with other medical practices. They should provide you with references of previous satisfied clients in your field and samples of the work they have done for other physicians. They should have a real understanding of your medical specialty or subspecialty, as well as an understanding of your marketplace.

Practice Builders has provided marketing services to physicians, physical therapists and dental professionals all over North America since 1979. We have helped over 15,000 healthcare practices representing virtually every medical specialty and subspecialty. And we have created thousands of success stories.

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