Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

If you are considering a new website for your healthcare practice or wondering if a new domain name would improve your traffic, there are ten questions you need to ask yourself about best practices in choosing healthcare domain names…

  1. Does the domain name contain any of your top keywords?
  2. Is your domain name unique?
  3. Does it have the .com version of this domain name?
  4. Is it easy to type and remember?
  5. Is the domain name short?
  6. Does the name reveal your specialty?
  7. Does the name avoid trademark infringement?
  8. Does it include your practice name?
  9. Does it avoid hyphens and numbers?
  10. Does it avoid trendy misspellings that may make it hard to remember?

If you have difficulty creating a domain name on your own, talk to a healthcare marketing consultant at Practice Builders. Just call 800.679.1200 or email and ask to speak with a marketing consultant.