Stumped on topics for your healthcare blog? Use these 8 ideas.

Stumped on topics for your healthcare blog? Use these 8 ideas

Keeping a healthcare blog updated with valuable content on a consistent basis is important to your healthcare site’s visibility and authority online, but it’s not always easy coming up with ideas. In addition to the ideas we listed here, we’ve got 8 more to add to your repertoire.

Stumped on topics for your healthcare blog? Use these 8 ideas.
  • Giveaway contest! Offer a healthcare or related service for free in a contest you announce on your blog. This is a great way to get your readers’ attention and increase their engagement.
  • Bring in other local healthcare professionals. If you’re a family practice, consider a blog post introducing your readers to a local optometrist, dentist or medical specialist you would refer your patients to. This will bolster your relationship with these other professionals, and they may return the favor. Your readers will also appreciate your recommendation since they prefer referrals from a trusted source.
  • Announce new equipment. Explain what this new equipment is and how it will help your patients. If prospective patients see you invest in the best tools for the job to help them and make their experience in your practice better, they will be more apt to pay you a visit.
  • Describe your day. Help your patients feel more connected to you and gain perspective with a “Day in the Life” post. Describe your daily life as a doctor or healthcare professional (without, of course, revealing any specific information about your patients’ identities or conditions).
  • Video. Videos tend to have high engagement, so use this format to introduce a new member of your staff, give an office tour or a tutorial on a healthcare topic like how to tell the difference between a regular mole and one that you should have checked.
  • Interview. Interviews are an easy and personable way to share information with your patients. Consider interviewing another healthcare specialist. For instance, interview a local nutritionist about common problems she sees in her patients’ diets and any suggestions or recipes she recommends.
  • Testimonials. If you find a patient who volunteers or a blogger who writes about certain health conditions, invite them to share their experience on your blog.
  • Home healthcare tips. Are there things patients can do at home for common ailments? They will appreciate the information, and you’ll appreciate the time savings.

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