Top SEO Mistakes Anyone Can Make


Adding SEO click here optimized content to your medical or dental practice’s website has a lot of advantages – mainly the opportunity to increase your ranking in search engines to reach a greater target audience and expand your patient and referral base.

Since it’s important to use SEO tactics as part of your healthcare marketing plan in 2015, it’s also important to understand common SEO mistakes that may hinder your marketing strategies. Have you been using SEO tactics but haven’t seen an increase in your website ranking or traffic? We’ve put together a list of the most common SEO mistakes so you can avoid them and garner the best SEO results:

Top SEO Mistakes Anyone Can Make

Missing Relevant Terms

SEO optimization can only work if the right target keywords are used. If you’re using the wrong combination of keywords, it’s unlikely that you’re reaching your target audience. It’s important to keep the keywords you use based on search engine data so you can get the patients looking for the services you offer to see your website in a Google, Yahoo or Bing search.

Overloading Your Website

Understanding that SEO is based on targeted keywords may make the next logical step seem to be to use as many of those keywords on your healthcare website and blog as possible to make the most of SEO. However, that’s not necessarily the most effective strategy.

Top SEO Mistakes Anyone Can Make

Search engines like Google consistently re-evaluate their algorithms so that healthcare practices and other businesses raise their search engine standing organically. Over-optimizing then has the opposite effect – it may actually lower your ranking on Google instead of raising it.

Missing Link Building

SEO is not just about hitting the right keywords searches – it’s also about referrals. You can also raise your search engine ranking by having links to your medical or dental practice’s website from other trusted, quality websites.

Top SEO Mistakes Anyone Can Make

If you are not creating content though, it’s hard to optimize the link-building aspect of SEO. Creating online videos and starting a blog are both effective strategies to start link building since these are both types of content that others would want to share.

Not Getting Professional Help

With all the algorithm changes, emphasis on relevant keywords and different strategies that need to be adapted, creating SEO-rich content is essentially a full-time job. If you find that you’re not getting the benefits you want from your SEO strategies, you can consider using a professional SEO company to focus on your SEO optimization.

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