Benefits of Custom Dental Websites

Benefits of Custom Dental Websites

Do you have a customized dental practice website? Or have you used a website template from a build-your-own-website site like WordPress?

When it comes to your online marketing strategy, custom dental websites offer a number of benefits. If you’re thinking about updating your website or are considering developing a customized one, here are the benefits that having your own website can offer:

Benefits of Custom Dental Websites

SEO Optimization

Building your website from scratch gives you the chance to optimize your website for SEO. With a custom website, you can optimize every part of it – from the web pages to permalinks – so you can increase your SEO ranking.

Go Mobile

A custom website gives you the opportunity to build a customized mobile site for your dental practice, as well. In 2016, it’s just as important to have a mobile website for your practice as it is to have a desktop site. But because we scroll through websites differently on mobile devices than we do on a desktop or laptop, mobile sites need to be built differently than their desktop counterparts. You need to consider the screen size of mobile devices and also what’s the easiest way for someone to navigate your mobile site on an iPad or smartphone. When you’re creating a custom dental website, take the time to create a custom mobile one, too, so you don’t miss out on SEO opportunities and new avenues to reach your target audience and potential patients.

Benefits of Custom Dental Websites

Branding Opportunities

By building your own website, you also have the chance to brand your practice. From your choice of images, to the colors you use for the design, to your mission statement, a custom dental website gives you the opportunity to tell your audience who you are up front.


Having a customized website also allows you to personalize it. By working with a dental marketing company like Practice Builders, you can ensure that your mission statement for your practice and your voice is included in every part of your website design. This allows you to connect with your audience and helps separate your dental practice from the competition.

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