Has Your Website Been Mobilized?

Over 93 percent of American adults now carry cell phones. Experts have forecast that mobile phones will surpass desktop computers within the next five years when it comes to accessing online content. The big problem is that most websites don’t fit the mobile user experience with its small screens and slower Internet speeds.

Do you have to zoom and scroll frequently to access all your web content? Do some areas of your website load slowly, or not at all? Is it hard for you to find and use the site’s contact information? Is it impossible for users to simply click to call?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, your website is not mobilized. Your website might shrink itself to fit your mobile screen, but merely shrinking to fit is not enough. Most websites become too small to read and navigate after shrinking – and too slow to load.

Has Your Website Been Mobilized?

Why you need a mobile website

Mobile websites are designed specifically for mobile users and aimed at giving them the best experience. They are easier to read and easier to navigate from mobile devices. And there’s no Flash animation to block you from the many millions of iPhone users.

Google now indexes mobile websites and gives them SEO value. Your mobile website has a much better chance of showing up in search results because it’s been optimized for the mobile web. And with 93 percent of American adults now using cell phones, mobile web is a market opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Has Your Website Been Mobilized?

To summarize, with a mobile website you’ll benefit from:

  • An easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly mobile website.
  • Faster loading on mobile phones.
  • Giving your patients the best possible mobile user experience.
  • Pages that fit nicely and look good on mobile devices.
  • Easy access to millions of iPhone users (with no Flash animation).
  • Having your website optimized for slower Internet connections typical on wireless devices.
  • Better SEO and Google search rankings


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