Healthcare Practitioners’ Online Reputation – What Do the Numbers Say?

According to the 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey, 35 percent of patients now look for their doctors online. And 67 percent of them read at least six reviews before they form their opinion regarding a particular physician.

More than half of the patients surveyed say a physician’s or dentist’s reputation is the most vital factor when choosing medical or dental services. Moreover, 73 percent of patients said positive reviews online make them trust a prospective provider more. Today’s prospective patient looks to online resources to learn more about healthcare providers before scheduling the first appointment.

Healthcare Practitioners’ Online Reputation – What Do the Numbers Say?

Have You Seen All Your Reviews?

For healthcare practitioners, monitoring what patients say online is more important than ever. With over two dozen review sites available, it is difficult and time-consuming for providers to monitor all of the reviews they receive. Disgruntled patients or sneaky competitors could be saying something negative online against you. How can you protect yourself and your practice?

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What patients see online largely contributes to how they measure a particular medical professional or healthcare provider. A good review is a plus-point, while a bad review can damage one’s reputation. For doctors, dentists and other healthcare practitioners to remain competitive in the healthcare industry, it is important for them to maintain a good online reputation and visibility. A solid online reputation enhancement strategy is fast becoming a necessity.