Keeping Your Patients Loyal During Tough Times

The recession may be almost officially over, but consumers are still facing tough economic times due to job losses, fallen home prices and tight credit. How do you keep these price-shoppers loyal?

Thanks to the recession, most consumers have become extremely price-conscious. And not just about consumer products. More consumers are price shopping healthcare services online (and offline) than ever before. As a result, keeping your patients loyal to your practice has become more challenging.

Keeping Your Patients  Loyal During Tough Times

Patients may routinely check out your competitors online and compare your offerings (and pricing, if possible) against theirs. In this economy, even your most loyal patients are prone to shop around. Thanks to the Internet, they have unprecedented choices and searching ease. They are more prone to leave your practice at the first sign of trouble.

Don’t assume that everything is fine just because patients aren’t complaining. To keep your patients loyal, you need to employ some simple strategies:

  • Always question your patients about their satisfaction levels
  • Always look for ways to better serve them
  • Find out what motivates patients to stay with you
  • Match the benefits you provide with the benefits patients are seeking
  • Help them understand why and how you offer better value
  • Make sure your quality and performance beat the alternatives
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