Viddy: The latest entry in promoting Healthcare Industry

Are you using video to connect with your online audience? Did you know that video streaming on mobile phones increased 93% last year? Or that a new social network called Viddy already has over 22 million users who create and interact using 15-second videos every day?

You probably think that 15 seconds is too short to convey an effective message on video. Yet, 15 seconds is enough time for a brief but powerful patient testimonial or a description of a new service at your practice.

Viddy: The latest entry in promoting Healthcare Industry

Viddy is a relatively new social network centered on creating and sharing 15-second video clips.
Viddy is used mostly on smartphones and tablets by its user base of 22 million people. Like a video version of Twitter, Viddy limits your video uploads to 15-second clips. Unlike Twitter, Viddy requires less maintenance. You can post your video on the site and forget about it.

There is also less competition for getting your content seen on Viddy when compared to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter simply because Viddy is still quite young, even by social media standards. And you don’t have to worry about expensive, high-end production values. Much of the video content is shot on iPhones or inexpensive video cameras by amateur videographers.

Video is an excellent way to connect with your online audience, whether it’s a 15-second snippet on Viddy or 90 seconds on YouTube. To learn more about marketing your practice online, call Practice Builders at 800.679.1200.